250+ Adjectives That Start with W | Definitions and Examples Included

This article will discuss adjectives that start with W. If your English teacher wants you to be more descriptive in your writing, you must learn how to employ adjectives. Adjectives describe the number, color, kind, and other characteristics of the nouns and pronouns in your sentences.

Descriptive words that start with W provide the reader with a more complete image of what he is speaking or writing about.

Before we get into the specifics of adjectives beginning with W, it’s vital to discuss the art of employing adjectives in a phrase. They’re usually found in front of the word they’re describing. However, keep in mind that adjectives might float around a little.

This is why it is really imperative that you know the art of using adjectives in your sentences. So let’s start our journey into the list of adjectives that start with W.

Most Common Adjectives That Start with W

Adjectives that start with W at this level are simple and easy to deal with. This list of adjectives starting with W can be easily understood and used by people in their daily routine.

1. Weak

  • Definition: lacking physical strength or energy
  • Synonyms: soft, frail
  • Example: Weak men wait for opportunity, but the strong men make it.

2. Wise

  • Definition: having or showing good judgement
  • Synonyms: learned, sane
  • Example: She seems kind and wise.

3. Well

  • Definition: in good health
  • Synonyms: fit, fine
  • Example: I am feeling really well today.

4. Warm

  • Definition: showing enthusiasm
  • Synonyms: welcoming, affable
  • Example: They exchanged warm, friendly smiles.

5. Wanted

  • Definition: loved by other people
  • Synonyms: desired, needed
  • Example: She was a much wanted baby.

6. White

  • Definition: the opposite of black
  • Synonyms: colorless, pale
  • Example: I will be wearing a white suit on this Eid.

7. Whole

  • Definition: complete or not divided
  • Synonyms: full, broad
  • Example: I spent the whole day cleaning.

8. Wide

  • Definition: of greater width than usual
  • Synonyms: open, extensive
  • Example: She exited into a wide hall.

9. Well-balanced

  • Definition: represented equally or fairly
  • Synonyms: nimble, judicious
  • Example: The team is very well-balanced

10. World-class

  • Definition: among the best in the world
  • Synonyms: great, remarkable
  • Example: Babar Azam is a world-class cricketer.

Adjectives That Start with W – Beginner Level

When you come across a child and there are some exciting qualities about them, you would definitely want to express yourself to them but in a way that will be understandable by them. These adjectives that begin with W are meant for the same purpose.

1. Well-behaved

  • Definition: conducting oneself in an appropriate manner
  • Synonyms: well-mannered, docile
  • Example: John is a very well-behaved man.

2. Weird

  • Definition: very strange and unexpected
  • Synonyms: strange, curious
  • Example: Her boyfriend’s a bit weird but she’s nice.

3. Weekly

  • Definition: done once a week
  • Synonyms: hebdomadal
  • Example: Our school arranges a weekly dance on Thursdays.

4. Well-educated

  • Definition: having a high level of education
  • Synonyms: enlightened, knowledgeable
  • Example: We require a well-educated and motivated worker for this job.

5. Well-dressed

  • Definition: wearing smart or fashionable clothes
  • Synonyms: stylish, fashionable
  • Example: A well-dressed elderly servant opened the door.

6. Winning

  • Definition: resulting in victory
  • Synonyms: successful, victorious
  • Example: Australian Cricket Team is on a winning streak.

7. Willing

  • Definition: ready to do something
  • Synonyms: eager, ready
  • Example: He was willing to do anything to win her trust back.

8. Wholesome

  • Definition: suggestive of good physical well-being
  • Synonyms: pure, useful
  • Example: Jemima smelled so wholesome and nice.

9. Welcoming

  • Definition: behaving in a friendly way
  • Synonyms: alluring, agreeable
  • Example: The cast and crew were very welcoming.

10. Warranted

  • Definition: justified or well-founded
  • Synonyms: certified, definite
  • Example: This is the warranted path to glory.

Adjectives That Start with W – Medium Level

Medium level adjective words that start with W are just a little bit of higher level than the previously mentioned adjectives that start with the letter W. Nothing really to worry about, we got you covered.

1. Well-read

  • Definition: having a lot of knowledge
  • Synonyms: educated, literate
  • Example: I am very well-read in the classics.

2. Waterproof

  • Definition: not allowing water to go through
  • Synonyms: impermeable, shut
  • Example: The hats have been treated with resin to make them waterproof.

3. Witty

  • Definition: full of clever humor
  • Synonyms: comedic, droll
  • Example: He is one of the most vivid and witty individuals.

4. Windy

  • Definition: marked by strong wind
  • Synonyms: gusty, thundery
  • Example: It was wet and windy for most part of the week.

5. Wobbly

  • Definition: likely to wobble
  • Synonyms: unstable, uneven
  • Example: I’ve been in bed with flu and my legs still feel a little wobbly.

6. Wayward

  • Definition: difficult to control
  • Synonyms: unreliable, delinquent
  • Example: He was wayward in his bowling spell.

7. Wheezy

  • Definition: related to the sound of a wheezing person
  • Synonyms: puffed, huffed
  • Example: My breathing is harsh and wheezy.

8. Worldly

  • Definition: relating to physical things
  • Synonyms: earthy, real
  • Example: They were involved in a worldly conversation.

9. Wee

  • Definition: small; little
  • Synonyms: teeny, miniscule
  • Example: You were just a wee lad the last time I saw you.

10. Wandering

  • Definition: travelling aimlessly from place to place
  • Synonyms: rambling, jaunting
  • Example: Ahmed is a wandering preacher.

Adjectives That Start with W – Hard Level

So you have reached the hard level of describing words beginning with W. It shows your true will to learn and promising nature. Now go through them so that you can move ahead and unlock our list of words consisting of expert level adjectives.

1. Wacky

  • Definition: funny in a peculiar way
  • Synonyms: absurd, unusual
  • Example: Many of my friends are quite wacky.

2. Withered

  • Definition: dry and shriveled
  • Synonyms: drooping, dehydrated
  • Example: The withered grass and the bushes were transformed into a forest of icicles.

3. Willful

  • Definition: determined to do exactly as you want
  • Synonyms: persistent, stubborn
  • Example: Their willful negligence resulted in this catastrophe.

4. Warlike

  • Definition: disposed towards war
  • Synonyms: antagonistic, belligerent
  • Example: Military planes flew over the country in a warlike action.

5. Withdrawn

  • Definition: not wanting to communicate with other people
  • Synonyms: isolated, quiet
  • Example: When her husband died she became very withdrawn.

6. Weathered

  • Definition: weather-beaten
  • Synonyms: fatigued, rusted
  • Example: The wooden planks were old and weathered.

7. Winding

  • Definition: following a twisting course
  • Synonyms: circuitous, warped
  • Example: Our bedroom was at the top of a winding staircase.

8. Windswept

  • Definition: (of places) not protected from strong winds
  • Synonyms: cold, chilly
  • Example: We drove down to the windswept Atlantic coast of Portugal.

9. Willowy

  • Definition: tall, slim, and lithe
  • Synonyms: nimble, delicate
  • Example: Jamila is a beautiful willowy blonde.

10. Workaday

  • Definition: not special, unusual, or interesting
  • Synonyms: trite, normal
  • Example: Compared to the extravagance and glamour of last winter’s clothes, this season’s collection look simple, almost workaday.

Adjectives That Start with W – Expert Level

Now you are officially at that level of W adjectives that will help you out in presenting your mindset like an adult. These descriptive words beginning with W will be there for you in the times of big need.

1. Wonky

  • Definition: weak, unsatisfactory, or not firm
  • Synonyms: unstable, shaky
  • Example: One of the legs on this chair is a bit wonky.

2. Wizened

  • Definition: small and having dry skin with lines in it
  • Synonyms: gnarled, slender
  • Example: He was one of the most wizened men I ever came across.

3. Writhing

  • Definition: making twisting, squirming movements of the body
  • Synonyms: crawling, unctuous
  • Example: Eden gazed at his writhing body a moment longer before she rose.

4. Waspish

  • Definition: having a slightly angry and unpleasant manner
  • Synonyms: crabby, prickly
  • Example: She had a waspish tongue which could hurt.

5. Waxy

  • Definition: resembling wax in appearance
  • Synonyms: facile, flexible
  • Example: The cheese has a red waxy rind.

6. Wintry

  • Definition: feeling very cold and bleak
  • Synonyms: frosty, freezing
  • Example: What were you doing out in that wintry evening?

7. Waterlogged

  • Definition: full of water
  • Synonyms: watered, showery
  • Example: The game was cancelled because of a waterlogged pitch.

8. Weak-kneed

  • Definition: not brave or determined enough
  • Synonyms: uncertain, tentative
  • Example: Instead of defending traditional values, the church frequently seems weak-kneed and irresolute.

9. Woebegone

  • Definition: looking very sad
  • Synonyms: downhearted, ramshackle
  • Example: There’s no need to look so woebegone – we can get it fixed.

10. Waggish

  • Definition: using humor in a clever way
  • Synonyms: jokey, humorous
  • Example: The Beatles also appeared in two wildly successful and waggish films directed by Richard Lester.

Positive Adjectives That Start with W

I understand, it can be difficult, very difficult to hold yourself back or your emotions bottled up, when you see something extremely fancy before your eyes. 10 words in this list of positive adjectives that start with W are uniquely applicable to almost any such situation.

1. Welcome

  • Definition: (of a guest) gladly received
  • Synonyms: sought, acceptable
  • Example: I’m pleased to see you, lad—you’re welcome.

2. Worthy

  • Definition: showing the qualities that deserve the specified regard
  • Synonyms: deserving
  • Example: These issues are worthy of further consideration.

3. Warm-hearted

  • Definition: sympathetic and kind
  • Synonyms: cordial, courteous
  • Example: His grandfather is a very warm-hearted person.

4. Well-mannered

  • Definition: showing good manners
  • Synonyms: affable, considerate
  • Example: They were all very well-mannered people.

5. Wondrous

  • Definition: stirring a feeling of delight
  • Synonyms: astonishing, wonderful
  • Example: I think he is a very resourceful director, who seems to create wondrous plays every time!

6. Wholehearted

  • Definition: showing complete sincerity
  • Synonyms: abiding, passionate
  • Example: You have my wholehearted support.

7. Worthwhile

  • Definition: worth the time
  • Synonyms: valuable, beneficial
  • Example: It was worthwhile to pursue that writer.

8. Warm-blooded

  • Definition: ardent; passionate
  • Synonyms: blazing, exciting
  • Example: This is the story of a warm-blooded sailor.

9. Winsome

  • Definition: attractive and pleasing
  • Synonyms: interesting, delightful
  • Example: Simran brought her winsome daughter with her.

10. Whimsical

  • Definition: playfully quaint or fanciful
  • Synonyms: entertaining, eccentric
  • Example: He has got a whimsical sense of humor.

Negative Adjectives That Start with W

Vanilla personality people often find it difficult on their part to accept their true self. Sometimes, it is more than a need than a want to put them back at their right place. Negative adjectives that start with W, completely got your back.

1. Wrong

  • Definition: not correct or true
  • Synonyms: incorrect, untrue
  • Example: You have given me a wrong answer.

2. Wicked

  • Definition: evil or morally wrong
  • Synonyms: devilish, malicious
  • Example: Omega is a wicked and unscrupulous politician.

3. Weary

  • Definition: showing extreme tiredness
  • Synonyms: bored, beat
  • Example: We have grown rather weary of all your excuses.

4. Wasteful

  • Definition: using something in a careless way
  • Synonyms: uncaring, destructive
  • Example: It’s wasteful the way you throw so much food away!

5. Worrisome

  • Definition: causing anxiety or concern
  • Synonyms: bothersome, disturbing
  • Example: The political situation in our region is particularly worrisome.

6. Wearisome

  • Definition: causing one to feel tired or bored
  • Synonyms: exhausting, backbreaking
  • Example: Simple repetitive tasks can be very wearisome.

7. Wanton

  • Definition: deliberate and unprovoked
  • Synonyms: indecent, corrupt
  • Example: His one act of wanton devastation, the clearing of the New Forest, has been grossly exaggerated.

8. Woozy

  • Definition: unable to think clearly
  • Synonyms: befuddled, lightheaded
  • Example: I am still woozy from the medication.

9. Wailful

  • Definition: uttering a sound suggestive of wailing
  • Synonyms: lamenting, mournful
  • Example: The widower’s wailful cries resonated throughout the church.

10. Warped

  • Definition: strange and unpleasant
  • Synonyms: disagreeable, loathsome
  • Example: I shouldn’t really laugh about the accident – it’s my warped sense of humor!

Adjectives That Start with W to Describe a Person

It is either a good quality or a bad one, adjectives that start with W to describe someone will solve your expression problems to a great extent. Our list of W adjectives to describe a person, includes a collection of unique words. Check them out. 

1. Wonderful

  • Definition: inspiring delight
  • Synonyms: amazing, astonishing
  • Example: They all think she’s wonderful.

2. Wealthy

  • Definition: having a great amount of money
  • Synonyms: generous, prosperous
  • Example: They are really wealthy people.

3. Well-known

  • Definition: widely or generally known
  • Synonyms: acclaimed, famous
  • Example: She is a well-known television personality.

4. Wounded

  • Definition: inflicted with a wound
  • Synonyms: bruised, damaged
  • Example: The wounded soldier was brought back to the barracks.

5. Wretched

  • Definition: in a very unhappy or unfortunate state
  • Synonyms: deplorable, dreadful
  • Example: I felt so wretched because I thought I might never see you again.

6. Weepy

  • Definition: feeling likely to cry
  • Synonyms: teary, bawling
  • Example: I felt tired and weepy.

7. Wakeful

  • Definition: unable to sleep
  • Synonyms: sleepless, restless
  • Example: He had been wakeful all night.

8. Wimpy

  • Definition: weak and cowardly or feeble
  • Synonyms: frail, spineless
  • Example: She was too wimpy to say what she really thought.

9. Wrinkleless

  • Definition: having no wrinkles
  • Synonyms: smooth
  • Example: She has got a wrinkleless skin.

10. Wistful

  • Definition: thinking about gone days
  • Synonyms: meditative, dreamy
  • Example: I thought about those days in Spain and grew wistful.

Adjectives That Start with W – Full List (250+ Words)

Here is a complete list of adjectives that start with W including what we have discussed above. Go through them once, it will help you revise them all in one go.

  • Weak
  • Wise
  • Well
  • Warm
  • Wanted
  • White
  • Whole
  • Wide
  • Well-balanced
  • World-class
  • Well-behaved
  • Weird
  • Weekly
  • Well-educated
  • Well-dressed
  • Winning
  • Willing
  • Wholesome
  • Welcoming
  • Warranted
  • Well-read
  • Waterproof
  • Witty
  • Windy
  • Wobbly
  • Wayward
  • Wheezy
  • Worldly
  • Wee
  • Wandering
  • Wacky
  • Withered
  • Willful
  • Warlike
  • Withdrawn
  • Weathered
  • Winding
  • Windswept
  • Willowy
  • Workaday
  • Wonky
  • Wizened
  • Writhing
  • Waspish
  • Waxy
  • Wintry
  • Waterlogged
  • Weak-kneed
  • Woebegone
  • Waggish
  • Welcome
  • Worthy
  • Warm-hearted
  • Well-mannered
  • Wondrous
  • Wholehearted
  • Worthwhile
  • Warm-blooded
  • Winsome
  • Whimsical
  • Wrong
  • Wicked
  • Weary
  • Wasteful
  • Worrisome
  • Wearisome
  • Wanton
  • Woozy
  • Wailful
  • Warped
  • Wonderful
  • Wealthy
  • Well-known
  • Wounded
  • Wretched
  • Weepy
  • Wakeful
  • Wimpy
  • Wrinkleless
  • Wistful
  • Wan
  • Whistling
  • Wayfaring
  • Whiny
  • Well-Heeled
  • Waterborne
  • Wasted
  • West
  • Wrinkly
  • Whimpering
  • Well-Planned
  • Waking
  • Washingtonian
  • Weather-resistant
  • Wiry
  • Well-Deserved
  • Weedy
  • Wily
  • Wax
  • Wary
  • Wideband
  • Wingless
  • Well-spoken
  • Walleyed
  • Worthless
  • Watchful
  • Wrathful
  • Whining
  • Waterless
  • Waspy
  • Well-Written
  • Well-Prepared
  • Wrongheaded
  • Weatherly
  • Well-Conceived
  • Wishful
  • Warty
  • Workable
  • Well-Established
  • Weleful
  • Well-Developed
  • Western
  • Wanting
  • Wry
  • Walloping
  • Wrongful
  • Well-Kempt
  • Waterproofed
  • Working
  • Well-Liked
  • Well-Placed
  • Warring
  • Waxen
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Walking
  • Wavelike
  • Well-Used
  • Waning
  • Weighty
  • Well-Crafted
  • Wartlike
  • Womanly
  • Waxlike
  • Woolen
  • Well-Informed
  • Well-Meaning
  • Well-Suited
  • Week-Long
  • Well-Traveled
  • Worse
  • Well-defined
  • Wriggling
  • Well-Versed
  • Washy
  • Wavering
  • Well-Maintained
  • Wiggly
  • Watery
  • Witless
  • Worshipful
  • Wrought
  • Watertight
  • Wheeled
  • Whacky
  • Worn-Down
  • Wet
  • Water-Cooled
  • Warning
  • Warrior-like
  • Weightless
  • Washable
  • Whippy
  • Work
  • Well-Adjusted
  • Well-Worn
  • Whispering
  • Warming
  • Wailing
  • Wonted
  • Widespread
  • Watercress
  • Well-Endowed
  • Weeklong
  • Well-Built
  • Well-Equipped
  • Wavy
  • Weatherproof
  • Waste
  • Wholemeal
  • Well-Rounded
  • Work-Oriented
  • Wakeless
  • Wheezing
  • Wide-Ranging
  • Worrying
  • Well-Received
  • War-torn
  • Well-armed
  • Warmhearted
  • Worn-Out
  • Waiting
  • Winky
  • Well-Off
  • Weakened
  • Well-Done
  • Written
  • Worn
  • Wizardly
  • Waterworn
  • Wriggly
  • Whitewashed
  • Well-Groomed
  • Wispy
  • Wearable
  • Wordless
  • Wolfish
  • Wide-eyed
  • Weak-Willed
  • Well-Documented
  • Woeful
  • Worth
  • Wintery
  • Wooden
  • Wounding
  • Wholesale
  • Worst
  • Well-Argued
  • Well-Honed
  • Whopping
  • Weaponless
  • Walk-In
  • Worried
  • Winter
  • Wrapped
  • Wordy
  • Well-Lit
  • Well-Made
  • Whooping
  • Wrecked
  • Withering
  • Wild
  • Wagnerian
  • Well-Considered
  • Wrinkled
  • Well-Intentioned
  • Well-Qualified
  • Well-aware
  • Weeny
  • Wainscoted
  • Warmed
  • Well-Founded
  • Warriorlike

Final Thoughts on Adjectives That Start with W

Thank you for reading this article on adjectives starting with W. Adjectives are an important aspect of our everyday language. We would not have been able to clasp our world without them.

The above collection of descriptive words that start with W would surely be very useful in acquiring a range of new ideas about places and stuff we see or sense.

There are dozens of adjectives that start with W, and it is quite difficult to master them all at once. But everyone has to start someplace, and this is one of the greatest places to do it.

Therefore, you should make an attempt to understand all of the adjectives that start with W since they will help you become more knowledgeable.

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