320+ Nouns That Start with W | Definitions and Examples Included

Hello-Hello! Are you ready to learn some nouns that start with W? We are very happy to see you guys again, equally eager and passionate to teach you.

It is very important to choose your words wisely because they are a reflection of your personality. This collection of nouns will help you achieve smooth talk! Wink-wink!

Nouns that start with W will prove to be helpful in your conversations only if you are fully aware of their usage.

For that purpose, instead of just plainly scattering words we made sure to add detailed definitions and synonyms in this carefully curated list of nouns beginning with W.

When scrolling down you will witness an increase in the difficulty level in these nouns starting with W and that will boost up your vocabulary too.

So without delaying this learning experience we will jump into this sea of knowledge right away! Bon, voyage!

Most Common Nouns That Start with W

Let’s kick start our first list with some familiar nouns that start with W. They are easy and you will come across them very often in your daily dealings. So that is why you need to nail them!

1. Wall

  • Definition: a heighted and vertical brick-like structure that is used for boundary
  • Synonyms: barrier, partition
  • Example: The boy fell from the wall.

2. Water  

  • Definition: an odorless liquid of transparent color found in sea, lakes or rives and is used for drinking as well as doing chores
  • Synonyms: aqua
  • Example: There was a shortage of clean water after flood in rural areas.

3. Way

  • Definition: the direction or location of something
  • Synonyms: road, track
  • Example: I met my old friend yesterday when I was on my way home from school.

4. Waist

  • Definition: the part of the body above the hip bone and is slightly narrower
  • Synonyms: abdomen, midsection
  • Example: The jeans were a bit tighter on my waist.

5. Wire

  • Definition: (a piece of) thin metal thread through which electric current can pass and has a plastic wrapping around it
  • Synonyms: cable, coil
  • Example: The cable wire is very old and rusty.

6. Watch

  • Definition: a small timepiece worn over a wrist and it shows time
  • Synonyms: timepiece, wristwatch
  • Example: My watch is not working properly.

7. Wound

  • Definition: a treatable cut or wound over any part of the body
  • Synonyms: injury, lesion
  • Example: Ali’s wounds were unclean and deep.

8. Wedding

  • Definition: a marriage ceremony in which two people takes marital vows of taking care of each other
  • Synonyms: marriage, matrimony
  • Example: Mat did not invite her step dad to his wedding.

9. Worm

  • Definition: a small and armless animal having a soft, jelly-like body
  • Synonyms: nematode, annelid
  • Example: Worms are so creepy.

10. Writer

  • Definition: a person who publishes and writes books
  • Synonyms: author, scrivener
  • Example: She is working as a content writer in his company.

Nouns That Start with W – Beginner Level

As a beginner people fear difficulty. Any learning experience can become easy if learners are systematically moved from easy to hard levels. We shall first get a hang of these beginner-friendly nouns that start with the letter W.

1. Weakness

  • Definition: the state of not being strong enough to handle matters
  • Synonyms: infirmity, incapacity
  • Example: Never show your weaknesses to the world.

2. Weather

  • Definition: the air conditions above the earth especially at a particular time over a particular area
  • Synonyms: metrology, climate
  • Example: The weather is very dry in mid winters.

3. Week

  • Definition: a period of seven days starting from Monday and ending at Sunday
  • Synonyms: calendar week
  • Example: My timetable for next week is very tight.

4. Wait

  • Definition: the state of staying in a place and hoping for either someone to come or something to happen
  • Synonyms: delay, hold-up
  • Example: We had a long wait for the train.

5. Wind

  • Definition: the strong blow of air
  • Synonyms: breeze, gale
  • Example: Strong wind destroyed many plants in the garden.

6. Wish

  • Definition: a feeling of desiring for something
  • Synonyms: want, crave
  • Example: May all your wishes come true.

7. War

  • Definition: the state of conflict or disagreement between different countries
  • Synonyms: warfare, combat
  • Example: There is never a good end to a war.

8. Wolf

  • Definition: a wild animal belonging from the family of dogs
  • Synonyms: bloodsucker, harpy
  • Example: She saw a wolf in the woods nearby.

9. Winner

  • Definition: someone who is a champion
  • Synonyms: victor, conqueror
  • Example: The winner of the match threw a huge party to celebrate his victory.

10. Worker

  • Definition: someone who is working in his field
  • Synonyms: employee, workman
  • Example: Ali has fired two of his personal workers in last week.

Nouns That Start with W – Medium Level

This reserve of noun words that start with W can be utilized in your writings and conversations if you understand them properly. We suggest focusing on the examples and incorporating them into your speech.

1. Wear

  • Definition: a piece of clothing meant for covering the body having a particular style
  • Synonyms: apparel, attire
  • Example: He has launched a new collection of men’s wear last month.

2. Weekend

  • Definition: off days of a week
  • Synonyms: vacation, picnic
  • Example: I like to relax and complete pending tasks on my weekends.

3. Whisper

  • Definition: a quite way of speaking to other person without making any sound
  • Synonyms: murmur, mumble
  • Example: The loud whispers outside my room at midnight were haunting me.

4. Wave

  • Definition: a high line of water moving across the surface of sea or any other area where water in large amount is present
  • Synonyms: surge, surf
  • Example: The sound of waves crashing against the shore at night is very relaxing.

5. Wing

  • Definition: the flat part of a bird or insect’s body which helps it in flying
  • Synonyms: pinion, van
  • Example: The plane’s wing is designed with special care.

6. Wit

  • Definition: the state of being able to use funny or sarcastic words
  • Synonyms: intelligence, cleverness
  • Example: John Donne is known to be the king of wit because of his remarkable poetry.

7. Womb

  • Definition: the organ in a female’s body in which a baby develops properly before coming to the world
  • Synonyms: belly, interior
  • Example: Your mother has carried you for 9 months in her womb.

8. Workplace

  • Definition: a building or room like an office in any organization where people perform their respective jobs
  • Synonyms: worksite, shop
  • Example: My workplace is in dire need to renovation.

9. Widow

  • Definition: a lady whose husband has passed away
  • Synonyms: dowager, bereave
  • Example: His poor widow died after a week of his death.

10. Wrestler

  • Definition: a person who wrestles by profession
  • Synonyms: grappler, fighter
  • Example: Most of the wrestlers are very aggressive.

Nouns That Start with W – Hard Level

Nouns make up a huge part of any language. They range from simple ones to sophisticated and rarely used ones. These nouns beginning with W, are harder than the ones you went through before but they will oomph up your speaking skills like nothing else!

1. Worth

  • Definition: the value and importance of something
  • Synonyms: credit, value
  • Example: The estimated worth of his fortune is about $100 billion.

2. Welding

  • Definition: the activity in which different metal parts of a machine are being joined together
  • Synonyms: fix, link
  • Example: The entire car welding will cost him a fortune.

3. Workshop

  • Definition: a meeting place where people meet each other and discuss business matters
  • Synonyms: seminar, class
  • Example: I am supposed to be attending these school workshops before the summer vacations end.

4. Wildlife

  • Definition: a place where animals and plants grow on their own
  • Synonyms: fauna, animal
  • Example: Hunting is affecting wildlife badly.

5. Wintertime

  • Definition: the cold season of the year
  • Synonyms: frosty weather, brumal
  • Example: Wintertime is a very dry season of the year.

6. Witch

  • Definition: a woman who practices magic and is known to have magical powers
  • Synonyms: sorceress, beldam
  • Example: Witches are still present in some areas of Europe.

7. Withdrawal

  • Definition: the action of taking money out of the bank account
  • Synonyms: pull-out, exit
  • Example: You can only make three withdrawals in a week according to the bank policies.

8. Workforce

  • Definition: the set of employees of any industry or company
  • Synonyms: employees, staff
  • Example: Much of the female workforce in industrial sector is still underpaid.

9. Worship

  • Definition: the act of praising the God or a god
  • Synonyms: reverence, veneration
  • Example: The worship of Allah is unparalleled.

10. Wizard

  • Definition: a piece of software guiding users about the set of instructions
  • Synonyms: software
  • Example: Only a wizard can brief you about the installations process.

Nouns That Start with W – Expert Level

Examining this list of W nouns will make you a pro at using them! Nouns are all around us since all the objects surrounding us have an identity or a name. These nouns with letter W if analyzed carefully, will make you an expert at using them. 

1. Wonderment

  • Definition: an amazing surprise
  • Synonyms: fascination, surprise
  • Example: Henry nod in silent wonderment.

2. Workhorse

  • Definition: a person who is habitual of doing a lot of work
  • Synonyms: laborer, servant
  • Example: It is safe to say my boss is a workhorse.

3. Wooer

  • Definition: a person who woos
  • Synonyms: gallant, swain
  • Example: He is a very silly and unsuccessful wooer.

4. Watchdog

  • Definition: a person whose job is to take care of private property
  • Synonyms: superintendent, chaperon
  • Example: Scot is a loving and loyal watchdog.

5. Wreath

  • Definition: the act of laying a bunch of flowers on someone’s grave
  • Synonyms: garland, bouquet
  • Example: The President laid a wreath on the Queen’s grave.

6. Writ

  • Definition: a piece of legal notice from court
  • Synonyms: warrant, decree
  • Example: He did not care about the seven writs issued against him.

7. Wellspring

  • Definition: the place of beginning of something
  • Synonyms: fountainhead, source
  • Example: Knowledge is the biggest wellspring of ideas.

8. Willpower

  • Definition: the ability to control your behavior
  • Synonyms: continence, restraint
  • Example: For a person with anger issues it requires quite the willpower to stay calm.

9. Wordsmith

  • Definition: a person who has great writing skills
  • Synonyms: author, litterateur
  • Example: Although he is a wordsmith but still fails to express his love openly to his lover.

10. Warlord

  • Definition: a military leader with individual autonomy
  • Synonyms: tyrant, boss, bandit
  • Example: A successful alliance broke down between provincial warlords.

Positive Nouns That Start with W

Inculcating positive words in your speech can brighten up your day and give the pleasant feeling of being helpful to the people around you. These positive nouns that start with W if used correctly, will scatter a smile on the faces of people you interact with.

1. Warranty

  • Definition: a written promise letter that ensures guarantee by the company of the product
  • Synonyms: assurance, commitment
  • Example: My hair curler has a warranty of two years.

2. Welcome

  • Definition: the act of warmly receiving someone
  • Synonyms: salutation, reception
  • Example: I was not expecting such a warm welcome from my staff.

3. Welfare

  • Definition: the well-being of a person or a group of people
  • Synonyms: health, comfort
  • Example: He is so concerned about the welfare of his family.

4. Will

  • Definition: the mental strength to control one’s actions and desires
  • Synonyms: choice, desire
  • Example: She is an iron lady of strong will.

5. Wisdom

  • Definition: the state of being able to use your knowledge in making life decisions
  • Synonyms: perception, intelligence
  • Example: I hope I have my grandfather’s wisdom when I grow up.

6. Wedlock

  • Definition: the state of being in marriage
  • Synonym: conjugality, matrimony
  • Example: They had a child out of wedlock but never told anyone.

7. Winning

  • Definition: the state of receiving money prize after winning any game
  • Synonyms: gains, booty
  • Example: Louis collected all his winnings and spent them on his dream car at once.

8. Windfall

  • Definition: the state of unexpected winning a lottery
  • Synonyms: jackpot, godsend
  • Example: The CEO of his company won a windfall of £3,000 in cash.

9. Wunderkind

  • Definition: a young successful person
  • Synonyms: genius
  • Example: Millie bobby brown is a 19- years old wunderkind.

10. Warrantor

  • Definition: a person or company that offers you a warranty
  • Synonyms: guarantor, surety, security
  • Example: That warrantor has such a great personality.

Proper Nouns That Start with W

Nouns have an interesting type by the name of proper nouns. They are the most special ones because they give a specific identity to objects. So let’s learn some proper nouns that start with W.

1. Wellington   

  • Definition: New Zealand’s capital
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Wellington became the capital of New Zealand in 1865.

2. William

  • Definition: name of a man
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: William died on the accident spot.

3. Wipro

  • Definition: name of an Indian multi-national company
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: The owner of Wipro Azim is Premji.

4. Wrangler

  • Definition: an American manufacturer of jeans
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Wrangler produces some of the finest jeans.

5. Wuppertal

  • Definition: an industrial city present in Germany’s west side
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: The population of Wuppertal was around 358, 300 in 2006.

6. Wesley

  • Definition: name of a boy
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Wesley played the role of a protagonist in that play.

7. Wockhardt

  • Definition: a global and pharmaceutical company present in India
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: The headquarters of Wockhardt are in India.

8. Wiesmann

  • Definition: a man’s name
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Wiesmann is famous for his hockey skills.

9. Wyatt

  • Definition: a male name
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: James Wyatt is an English architect.

10. Wichita

  • Definition: name of a city present in Southern Kansas
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Wichita is situated on Arkansas River.

Nouns That Start with W to Describe Things

Now let’s check out a list of things that start with W that can be used for the description of objects. Nouns play a huge role in the description as they name concepts and feelings. Learn these by your heart so you never struggle with describing anything.

1. Wheat  

  • Definition: a cereal produced in temperate countries and is used as a grain for making bread
  • Synonyms: cereal, gluten
  • Example: Wheat is found commonly in hot countries.

2. Weapon

  • Definition: a tool designed for the person’s safety
  • Synonyms: bomb, gun
  • Example: It is normal for a person to carry weapon anywhere in US.

3. Wicket

  • Definition: a set of three stumps used in cricket for defending
  • Synonyms: stump, bails
  • Example: He lost the game by four wickets.

4. Wood

  • Definition: the dried stem of trees
  • Synonyms: timber, planks
  • Example: Our table was made of pure wood.

5. Wine

  • Definition: an intoxicating drink made by fermenting grapes
  • Synonyms: plonk, booze
  • Example: I want red wine with this steak.

6. Wrapper

  • Definition: a piece of paper or plastic used to cover something
  • Synonyms: packaging, paper
  • Example: I carefully removed the wrapper from my gift.

7. Wig

  • Definition: a covering of artificial hair
  • Synonyms: toupee, rug
  • Example: Usher is wearing a black wig.

8. Wrinkle

  • Definition: a crease on skin
  • Synonyms: fold, pucker
  • Example: My wrinkles have become deeper.

9. Wreckage

  • Definition: the leftover after destruction
  • Synonyms: wreck, debris
  • Example: The wreckage of building was blocking the whole road.

10. Well

  • Definition: a deep pit in the ground used for storing water
  • Synonyms: gulf, abyss
  • Example: I peeked inside the well and saw her shoe.

Nouns That Start with W – Full List (320+ Words)

Since we are done with detailed description of all the nouns in this article, we have compiled them all together in a list of nouns that start with W below. You can find all categories merged here. Give them a read once again to make sure you didn’t miss out on anything.

  • Wall
  • Water  
  • Way
  • Waist
  • Wire
  • Watch
  • Wound
  • Wedding
  • Worm
  • Writer
  • Weakness
  • Weather
  • Week
  • Wait
  • Wind
  • Wish
  • War
  • Wolf
  • Winner
  • Worker
  • Wear
  • Weekend
  • Whisper
  • Wave
  • Wing
  • Wit
  • Womb
  • Workplace
  • Widow
  • Wrestler
  • Worth
  • Welding
  • Workshop
  • Wildlife
  • Wintertime
  • Witch
  • Withdrawal
  • Workforce
  • Worship
  • Wizard
  • Wonderment
  • Workhorse
  • Wooer
  • Watchdog
  • Wreath
  • Writ
  • Wellspring
  • Willpower
  • Wordsmith
  • Warlord
  • Warranty
  • Welcome
  • Welfare
  • Will
  • Wisdom
  • Wedlock
  • Winning
  • Windfall
  • Wunderkind
  • Warrantor
  • Wellington
  • William
  • Wipro
  • Wrangler
  • Wuppertal
  • Wesley
  • Wockhardt
  • Wiesmann
  • Wyatt
  • Wichita
  • Wheat  
  • Weapon
  • Wicket
  • Wood
  • Wine
  • Wrapper
  • Wig
  • Wrinkle
  • Wreckage
  • Well
  • Wastrel
  • Work
  • Woman
  • Whistle
  • Want
  • Woodsmoke
  • Wheeler-Dealer
  • Wrack
  • Woodshed
  • Weed
  • Wuxi
  • Willys
  • Weftage
  • Womanhood
  • Wuerzburg
  • Wrongdoer
  • Winder
  • Waltz
  • Well-Wisher
  • Workingmen
  • Window
  • Warfront
  • Wallflower
  • Worry
  • Winehead
  • Wolverine
  • West
  • Whip
  • Wreck
  • Whack
  • Wiggle
  • Warren
  • Widegrip
  • Wildcat
  • Whit
  • Wayside
  • Wicker
  • Weight
  • Willow
  • Washbasin
  • Warfare
  • Woomera
  • Woodland
  • Waste
  • Wisenheimer
  • Wretch
  • Warp
  • Windmill
  • World
  • Wax
  • Wow
  • Walrus
  • Walk
  • Whisky
  • Woodpecker
  • Whinny
  • Weirdy
  • Workmen
  • Woodwork
  • Wastewater
  • Watchmen
  • Workbench
  • Waterfall
  • Workman
  • Wrongdoing
  • Watt
  • Wallet
  • Washington
  • Website
  • Well-Being
  • Whiplash
  • Wake
  • Weasel
  • Woolen
  • Wisp
  • Wharfinger
  • Watermelon
  • Whim
  • Wilt
  • Wallop
  • Windsor
  • Waver
  • Worcester
  • Web
  • Wamble
  • Wonder
  • Wick
  • Worktable
  • Woodlawn
  • Wheel
  • Wastage
  • Warrior
  • Whodunnit
  • Welkom
  • Win
  • Wording
  • Waterbury
  • Warsaw
  • Wonsan
  • Worthy
  • Woodwind
  • Wbai
  • Welter
  • Worsted
  • Weaponry
  • Wedge
  • Witness
  • Wombat
  • Wallpaper
  • Wool
  • Whiskerando
  • Wardroom
  • Wobble
  • Wrong
  • Watchman
  • Workpiece
  • Wholewheat
  • Wharf
  • White
  • Weekly
  • Wash
  • Winter
  • Waterway
  • Western Sahara
  • Waterline
  • Wink
  • Wagtail
  • Ward
  • Wart
  • Waterloo
  • Wiseacre
  • Wardrobe
  • Warning
  • Whiz
  • Women
  • Warner
  • Watercolor
  • Wasteland
  • Wage
  • Walnut
  • Warrantee
  • Worse
  • Wildcatter
  • Wail
  • Weir
  • Witbank
  • Wingback
  • Wavelength
  • Wellbeing
  • Wagon
  • Workmanship
  • Wasp
  • Whine
  • Whiteface
  • Wand
  • Writing
  • Word
  • Weathering
  • Wlib
  • Wight
  • Whipper
  • Womanizer
  • Whirl
  • Ware
  • Warcry
  • Windbag
  • Wristwatch
  • Webster
  • Whiz-Bang
  • Wantage
  • Workout
  • Waterfront
  • Walkout
  • Wallaby
  • Wanion
  • Widowhood
  • Wager
  • Worksheet
  • Waterside
  • Windstorm
  • Whoop
  • Workday
  • Wallboard
  • Whiskey
  • Woodcarver
  • Wendy
  • Wingman
  • Wrist
  • Workmate
  • Washbowl
  • Wanderer
  • Washboard
  • Waistcoat
  • Washer
  • Wuhan
  • Woopie
  • Watercolorist
  • Warehouse
  • Waffle
  • Wastebasket
  • Warden
  • Warhead
  • Wielder
  • Wase
  • Woodlands
  • Worshipper
  • Wristband
  • Womanthrope
  • Wigmaker
  • Whale
  • Watchmaker
  • Woe
  • Warrant
  • Warmth
  • Whirlwind
  • Warmup
  • Watershed
  • Wife
  • Walkover
  • Windshield
  • Waiter
  • Width
  • Wartime
  • Whitetail
  • Walker
  • Warison
  • Whir
  • Wheaton
  • Weave
  • Whinyard
  • Wahtahm
  • Wrath
  • Wealth
  • Warthog
  • Weekday
  • While
  • Whiff
  • Windup
  • Wapiti
  • Widower
  • Whore
  • Whole
  • Wooooosh
  • Wireless
  • Wakayama

Final Thoughts on Nouns That Start with W

We are done with our article on nouns that start with W. English language is very unique because it is replete with nouns. We tried our best to cover all the essential nouns that start with W in this article.

They might be a little strange because the letter W is not a commonly used consonant. This is why mastering this collection will beautify your vocabulary with uncommon and rarely used words.

If not all then at least some of these nouns beginning with W have a great chance of becoming a permanent part of your language.

It would make us immensely proud if you practice these nouns starting with W after completing this article because implementation is the end result of true learning.

Our main purpose was to help you in excelling at noun usage in your formal and informal discourse. Didn’t we do a great job at doing so?

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