70+ Verbs That Start with Q | Definitions and Examples Included

This article will discuss verbs that start with Q. A verb, in its most basic form, is a word that indicates an activity. “She laundered her clothing,” for example, or “He traveled to the hills.”

The verbs in these two lines are launder and travel. This post includes a variety of such verbs beginning with Q. Verbs move the subject of the statement and give additional data to help explain what or how that subject is doing.

However, verbs can also indicate a condition of being, as in “she seems fatigued” and “he enjoys coffee.” These phrases discuss a person’s current condition and inclinations.

Hopefully, you understand the difference between these two sorts of verbs. This notion will become apparent as you examine the list of verbs that start with Q provided below.

Try to remember as many of these action words that start with Q as you can.

Most Common Verbs That Start with Q

These are the verbs that start with Q that are being used by people on regular basis. Look at this list of verbs starting with Q with open mind and curious heart and I guarantee you, you will learn a lot. 

1. Quick

  • Definition: to ask someone to be quick
  • Synonyms: hurry, speed up
  • Example: Please quick up your performance.

2. Quarterback

  • Definition: to play as a quarterback
  • Synonyms: play, participate
  • Example: He will quarterback for our team this season.

3. Quieten

  • Definition: to make someone silent
  • Synonyms: calm, silent
  • Example: The chief quietened up everyone.

4. Quiz

  • Definition: to ask questions
  • Synonyms: question, interview
  • Example: I was quizzed by the committee.

5. Quote

  • Definition: to repeat someone’s statements
  • Synonyms: recite, recap
  • Example: You can quote different leaders in your speech.

6. Quantify

  • Definition: to measure the quantity of something
  • Synonyms: appraise, calculate
  • Example: You need to quantify the budget of the company.

7. Quest

  • Definition: to look for something
  • Synonyms: search, explore
  • Example: I spent my whole life questing for truth.

8. Quiet

  • Definition: to make someone quiet
  • Synonyms: silence, hush
  • Example: The teacher quiet us down.

Verbs That Start with Q – Beginner Level

These verbs beginning with Q are useful when it comes to creating written content or verbally communicating with the other person. A bunch of beginner level verb words that start with Q are following. 

1. Quadruple

  • Definition: to increase four times
  • Synonyms: fourfold, surge
  • Example: My start-up’s profit quadrupled this year.

2. Question

  • Definition: to ask questions
  • Synonyms: interrogate, interview
  • Example: The suspect was questioned by the authorities.

3. Quit

  • Definition: to permanently abandon something
  • Synonyms: leave, depart from
  • Example: I want to quit school.

4. Quack

  • Definition: to make the sound of a duck
  • Synonyms: bellow
  • Example: He quacked like a duck.

5. Query

  • Definition: to ask questions about something
  • Synonyms: ask, inquire
  • Example: I queried my professor.

6. Quantize

  • Definition: to divide something
  • Synonyms: compute, calculate
  • Example: We quantized the ration.

7. Quash

  • Definition: to reject something
  • Synonyms: cancel, reverse
  • Example: His application was quashed.

8. Quiver

  • Definition: to slightly shake
  • Synonyms: quaver, quake
  • Example: Her lips were quivering in the cold weather.

Verbs That Start with Q – Medium Level

Verbs hold a major part in English grammar and without the proper use of verbs, the entire sentence structure will collapse. So here are some of the verbs starting with letter Q for your knowledge.

1. Quicken

  • Definition: to fasten up the pace
  • Synonyms: speed up, accelerate
  • Example: You need to quicken up on this project.

2. Quadruplicate

  • Definition: to increase something four times
  • Synonyms: increase, boost
  • Example: Her scholarship was quadruplicated by the government.

3. Quaver

  • Definition: to tremble or shake
  • Synonyms: quiver, shake
  • Example: He quavered with anger.

4. Queer

  • Definition: to impair
  • Synonyms: spoil, damage
  • Example: Harry queered our deal.

5. Quadrate

  • Definition: to conform to something
  • Synonyms: carve, change
  • Example: You must quadrate with the laws.

6. Quitclaim

  • Definition: to renounce
  • Synonyms: relinquish, reject
  • Example: I will quitclaim your promotion.

7. Quetch

  • Definition: to protest
  • Synonyms: complain, criticize
  • Example: She quetched for no particular reason.

8. Querken

  • Definition: to choke
  • Synonyms: obstruct, gag
  • Example: Don’t eat fast, you’ll querken.

Verbs That Start with Q – Hard Level

Do not get scared! You will do fine with these challenging verbs that begin with Q too! These words carry a lot of different activities that you see around yourself.

1. Quarry

  • Definition: to take out
  • Synonyms: excavate, extract
  • Example: The perfume is quarried from flowers.

2. Quail

  • Definition: to fear something
  • Synonyms: flinch, shrink
  • Example: The puppy quailed in my hands.

3. Quab

  • Definition: to quiver
  • Synonyms: throb, flutter
  • Example: He quabbed before his boss.

4. Quelch

  • Definition: to end
  • Synonyms: finish, conclude
  • Example: Pakistan and India cannot quelch the tension regarding Kashmir.

5. Quoin

  • Definition: to cover
  • Synonyms: protect, shield
  • Example: The walls were quoined with plastic.

6. Quop

  • Definition: to beat
  • Synonyms: beat, thrust
  • Example: My heart quopped as I saw her.

7. Quill

  • Definition: to knit a fabric
  • Synonyms: weave, knit
  • Example: My grandmother quilled a mat for me.

8. Quintuple

  • Definition: to increase five times
  • Synonyms: fivefold, hike
  • Example: My expense has quintupled during the last month.

Verbs That Start with Q – Expert Level

Keep up the good work and keep on learning more and more verbs that start with the letter Q, you are doing great. Some more Q verbs we have selected to enhance your vocabulary bank are under discussion in this section.

1. Quiesce

  • Definition: to quieten up
  • Synonyms: hush, silence
  • Example: The hall quiesced in respect of the Prime Minister.

2. Quirk

  • Definition: to twist mouth or eyebrow suddenly
  • Synonyms: move, bend
  • Example: He quirked his mouth and looked at me.

3. Quoif

  • Definition: to set the hair
  • Synonyms: comb, position
  • Example: The hairdresser quoifed my hair.

4. Quave

  • Definition: to shiver
  • Synonyms: tremble, shake
  • Example: I quaved at the sight of the ghost.

5. Quirl

  • Definition: to curl up
  • Synonyms: twist, entwine
  • Example: The threads got quirled up.

6. Queck

  • Definition: to make a quacking sound
  • Synonyms: bellow, bawl
  • Example: The ducks were swimming and quecking in the pond.

7. Quoth

  • Definition: to utter something
  • Synonyms: state, say
  • Example: She quothed something offensive.

8. Quilt

  • Definition: to join different pieces of fabric together
  • Synonyms: stitch, weave
  • Example: The blanket was quilted with beautiful patterns.

Positive Verbs That Start with Q

The topic under discussion in this section is that of positive verbs that start with Q. They can be used for addressing a lot of positive things and can also help you express yourself much more openly.

1. Qualify

  • Definition: to get entitled
  • Synonyms: certify, enable
  • Example: Our team qualified for the match.

2. Quench

  • Definition: to get satisfied after being thirsty
  • Synonyms: satiate, satisfy
  • Example: I quenched my thirst with coke.

3. Queue

  • Definition: to make a line
  • Synonyms: line
  • Example: We queued up in front of the cafe.

4. Quaff

  • Definition: to drink something to the fullest
  • Synonyms: drink, gulp
  • Example: I was so thirsty that I quaffed an entire bottle of soda.

5. Quickstep

  • Definition: to dance
  • Synonyms: trip, rave
  • Example: They quickstepped at the party.

6. Quell

  • Definition: to forcefully put an end to something
  • Synonyms: end, finish
  • Example: Immediately call the cops to quell this disturbance.

7. Quick-freeze

  • Definition: to preserve food by freezing it
  • Synonyms: freeze, ice
  • Example: I made patties and quick-froze them.

8. Quip

  • Definition: to make a joke
  • Synonyms: jest, pun
  • Example: She quips at gatherings and people enjoy it.

Action Verbs That Start with Q

These action verbs that start with Q are specifically used when an action scene is being described, like in movies or shows as well as in piece of writings like novels. A bunch of action words are listed below.

1. Quarantine

  • Definition: to put someone in isolation to stop the spread of a virus
  • Synonyms: confine, isolate
  • Example: I was quarantined for 14 days before taking the trip.

2. Quarrel

  • Definition: to have an argument
  • Synonyms: row, fight
  • Example: My siblings quarrel a lot.

3. Quake

  • Definition: to shake with fear
  • Synonyms: tremble, shiver
  • Example: I quaked with fear after looking down from such a height.

4. Queen

  • Definition: to behave in a boastful manner
  • Synonyms: dominate, lead
  • Example: I hate it when she queens around other girls.

5. Quarter

  • Definition: to equally divide into four parts
  • Synonyms: divide, sector
  • Example: I quartered the cake.

6. Quantitate

  • Definition: to calculate the quantity of something
  • Synonyms: quantify, calculate
  • Example: We quantitated the liquid ingredients properly.

7. Quackle

  • Definition: to choke someone
  • Synonyms: suffocate, asphyxiate
  • Example: The woman was quackled brutally.

8. Quat

  • Definition: to crush someone
  • Synonyms: crush, hit
  • Example: His gas-lighting quatted my motivation.

Advanced Verbs That Start with Q for Perfect Essays

Next up we have a bunch of advanced verbs that start with Q. Who knew verbs would have so many categories right? So along with learning new verbs we also explored types of verbs together.

1. Quinch

  • Definition: to mix
  • Synonyms: merge, amalgamate
  • Example: I quinched the wet ingredients for the cake batter.

2. Quiddle

  • Definition: to babble
  • Synonyms: talk, chatter
  • Example: I hate it when she quiddles a lot.

3. Quap

  • Definition: to shake
  • Synonyms: quiver, flutter
  • Example: The kids quaped with fear at the sound of the thunder.

4. Quoit

  • Definition: to throw
  • Synonyms: propel, force
  • Example: Jason quoited Omran into the pool.

5. Querl

  • Definition: to twirl around
  • Synonyms: turn, entwine
  • Example: The wires got querled up.

6. Quibble

  • Definition: to unnecessarily criticize something
  • Synonyms: criticize, disparage
  • Example: I quiblled a lot.

7. Quob

  • Definition: to beat
  • Synonyms: throb, quiver
  • Example: My heart quobbed at her sight.

Verbs That Start with Q – Full List (70+ Words)

My team has compiled all the words of this list of verbs that start with Q under one category. I hope you find our efforts helpful and you will help other people in your surroundings learn them too.

  • Quick
  • Quarterback
  • Quieten
  • Quiz
  • Quote
  • Quantify
  • Quest
  • Quiet
  • Quadruple
  • Question
  • Quit
  • Quack
  • Query
  • Quantize
  • Quash
  • Quiver
  • Quicken
  • Quadruplicate
  • Quaver
  • Queer
  • Quadrate
  • Quitclaim
  • Quetch
  • Querken
  • Quarry
  • Quail
  • Quab
  • Quelch
  • Quoin
  • Quop
  • Quill
  • Quintuple
  • Quiesce
  • Quirk
  • Quoif
  • Quave
  • Quirl
  • Queck
  • Quoth
  • Quilt
  • Qualify
  • Quench
  • Queue
  • Quaff
  • Quickstep
  • Quell
  • Quick-freeze
  • Quip
  • Quarantine
  • Quarrel
  • Quake
  • Queen
  • Quarter
  • Quantitate
  • Quackle
  • Quat
  • Quinch
  • Quiddle
  • Quap
  • Quoit
  • Querl
  • Quibble
  • Quob
  • Quich
  • Queme
  • Quech
  • Quit on
  • Queer up
  • Quarrel out
  • Quarrel with
  • Queue up
  • Quantise
  • Quieten down

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with Q

Let us now wrap up our thoughts on verbs beginning with Q. You must have realized by now that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve in our life if we didn’t have a variety of verbs up our decks, including verbs that start with Q.

Our life would have ground to a halt. In the English language, verbs are employed to express acts, events, or conditions of being. As a result, the more verbs you know, the more flexible your speeches and writings can become.

Because Q is one of the least used letters, the verbs that begin with it are rare too. Using as many action words starting with Q as possible in your regular conversations can help you stand out from the crowd.

This article has presented you with an interesting list of verbs that start with Q. Go through it a few times and attempt to remember all of the verbs in it.

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