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350+ Positive Words That Start with H | Definitions, and Examples Included

We are back with another enlightening collection of positive words that start with H. The letter is new, words are different but the zeal and positivity remain the same.

Language is a bridge between people, if it’s constructed with positive vocabulary, it lasts longer.

So for this purpose, we have compiled these positive words that start with H, along with their meanings, synonyms, and examples.

Our aim is to make sure that your conversations run smoothly and that you never run short of positive words that start with H.

You will find an extensive variety of positive words starting with H over here, they have been divided into categories for your ease.

If a category seems irrelevant to you and you feel like it’s not your cup of tea, you can skip it and move to the next but we strongly recommend that you go through this whole collection of positive words beginning with H.

Most Common Positive Words That Start with H

The first and foremost step for any new concept starts with the basics and most frequently used words so we bring you a list of positive words that start with H, which are most commonly used in conversations. All of these nice words that start with H are easy and interesting. So let’s proceed!

1. Happiness

  • Definition: an enjoyable state
  • Synonyms: joy, pleasure
  • Example: It is my sheer belief that happiness counts more than money.

2. Highlight

  • Definition: to bring forth something of great interest
  • Synonyms: illuminate, emphasize
  • Example: Today’s newspaper had highlighted the need for improved safety.

3. Honey

  • Definition: a sweet and viscous type fluid
  • Synonyms: nectar, sweet
  • Example: Pour the honey into the bowl and mix it thoroughly with the other ingredients.

4. Heartfelt

  • Definition: very deep and genuine in feeling
  • Synonyms: sincere, unfeigned
  • Example: Please accept my heartfelt apologies and these gifts as token of love.

5. Harvest

  • Definition: the procedure of collection in a crop
  • Synonyms: yield, crop
  • Example: The vegetable harvest was in real abundance this year.

6. Hue

  • Definition: appearance of any kind to the mind
  • Synonyms: complexion, aspect
  • Example: In the waters of the Manhattan, there are fish of every hue.

7. Huge

  • Definition: very extensive in appearance or size
  • Synonyms: large, gigantic
  • Example: Your mansion is huge and well furnished.

8. Hospitable

  • Definition: related to receiving the guests in a very cheerful manner
  • Synonyms: gracious, sociable
  • Example: My friend and his wife are very hospitable people.

9. Homey

  • Definition: giving a comfortable vibe like home
  • Synonyms: intimate, easy
  • Example: Your apartment has such a homey environment.

10. Humorous

  • Definition: full of great sense of humor
  • Synonyms: funny, ludicrous
  • Example: I loved her humorous comments and witty remarks over the statements.

Positive Words That Start with H to Describe a Person

Don’t you think that being able to accurately describe something brings immense peace and satisfaction? Human beings have an urge to express themselves so naturally, that we feel contented when we do the job appropriately. So for that purpose, let’s take a look at positive words that start with H to describe someone.

1. Handsome

  • Definition: having a very pleasing and dignified appearance
  • Synonyms: striking, attractive
  • Example: Jack was handsome, brilliant, witty, and generally the center of that event.

2. Humble

  • Definition: without any kind of arrogant or mean expressions
  • Synonyms: kind, gracious
  • Example: He’s been very humble about his success.

3. Hardworking

  • Definition: constantly working towards one’s goals
  • Synonyms: industrious, diligent
  • Example: She is my most hardworking employee.

4. Humane

  • Definition: filled with compassionate feelings for the mankind
  • Synonyms: beneficent, sympathetic
  • Example: What he did for his community was the most humane thing to do.

5. Heroism

  • Definition: possessing the qualities of any hero
  • Synonyms: bravery, courage
  • Example: No one can hate his heroism and kind nature.

6. Hypnotize

  • Definition: to sense magical feelings
  • Synonyms: bedazzle, enchant
  • Example: He was hypnotized by her steely grey eyes and snake like moves.

7. Heartthrob

  • Definition: the ultimate sweetheart
  • Synonyms: favorite, idol
  • Example: He’s the latest Bollywood heartthrob because of his two blockbuster films.

8. High-spirited

  • Definition: full of energetic spirit
  • Synonyms: vivacious, gay
  • Example: He was high-spirited and impetuous for the upcoming Europe trip.

9. Humanist

  • Definition: someone devoted to provide his best services for the human welfare
  • Synonyms: enlightened, humaneness
  • Example: I respected him as a man of exceptional moral stature and a humanist, who is always ready to work hard.

10. Headstrong

  • Definition: cannot easily be restrained
  • Synonyms: willful, intractable
  • Example: She was a headstrong child since her childhood.

Positive Words That Start with H to Spread Positivity

Spreading positivity is a noble deed and to make sure that you do so with ease, we have these positive words beginning with H, compiled exclusively for our readers with relevant examples.

1. Hug

  • Definition: to press someone tightly in your arms to show affection and love
  • Synonyms: embrace, hold
  • Example: She hugged me tightly and all my worries just vanished.

2. Holy

  • Definition: worthy of perfection
  • Synonyms: divine, sacred
  • Example: You should leave your shoes outside before entering any holy place as a sign of respect.

3. Hilarious

  • Definition: marked by extremely funny emotions
  • Synonyms: comedic, humorous
  • Example: My friend Jeff is hilarious despite being very moody.

4. Holiday

  • Definition: a day without any task or duty to fulfill
  • Synonyms: vacation, break
  • Example: I like summer holidays more than winter vacations.

5. Heaven

  • Definition: a place containing only good things
  • Synonyms: fantasyland, paradise
  • Example: Good deeds can turn this world into a heaven.

6. High-flier

  • Definition: having strong ambitions and aspirations
  • Synonyms: powerhouse, hustler
  • Example: The Company’s CEO is a high-flier.

7. Husbandly

  • Definition: relating to the role of a husband
  • Synonyms: marital, paternal
  • Example: He fulfills all of his husbandly duties.

8. High-principled

  • Definition: having a strong character or moral values
  • Synonyms: honest, strict
  • Example: Mary was a virtuous high-principled lady of the staff.

9. Harbor

  • Definition: a place of pure comfort
  • Synonyms: shelter, retreat
  • Example: That shed was like a harbor for us in that rain.

10. Hortatory

  • Definition: related to an urge to conduct any action
  • Synonyms: exhorting, encouraging
  • Example: The coach gave his team a hortatory speech to inspire them to play well before the game started.

Positive Words That Start with H to Empower You

Do you want to feel confident at presentations? Or are you a boss who wants to effectively exercise power in your workplace? We’ve got you because we have these positive words that start with the letter H. These inspirational words that start with H will be your best tools from now on.

1. Head

  • Definition: to act as the head of something
  • Synonyms: lead, marshal
  • Example: Maria heads one of America’s leading law firms.

2. Hire

  • Definition: the act of giving or getting an employment
  • Synonyms: employ, recruit
  • Example: After so many failures, I was finally hired by a multinational company.

3. Hero

  • Definition: marked with extra-ordinary qualities
  • Synonyms: warrior, icon
  • Example: He was considered a national hero for his part in the revolution.

4. High

  • Definition: marked with best qualities
  • Synonyms: rich, grand
  • Example: She was a woman of high principles and kind attitude.

5. Headline

  • Definition: (of news) very well-deserved to be mentioned at the top
  • Synonyms: title, heading
  • Example: The news of the engagement of the two tennis stars made to the headline of today’s paper.

6. Harness

  • Definition: to acquire and bring in practice
  • Synonyms: employ, exercise
  • Example: All the top organizations need to harness the skills and knowledge of people who are retired or unemployed.

7. Hone

  • Definition: to smooth down to the level of perfection
  • Synonyms: file, grind
  • Example: He honed his skills in archery by practicing in his friend’s backyard.

8. Homage

  • Definition: an expression of great respect
  • Synonyms: acclaim, honor
  • Example: On every occasion we pay homage to him for his achievements.

9. Huddle

  • Definition: to embrace oneself very closely
  • Synonyms: hunch, couch
  • Example: It was so cold at the lake that we huddled together for warmth.

10. Humanitarian

  • Definition: a person socially working for human welfare
  • Synonyms: philanthropist, patron
  • Example: Being a humanitarian, she was involved in various children’s charities throughout her career.

Positive Words That Start with H to Make Your Day Better

It would be safe to assume that nobody wants a bad day. Even if it arrives, you can make things better through a positive discourse so these words that start with H that are positive, will be the perfect magic spell for you! So let’s take a look at these motivational words that start with H.

1. Happy

  • Definition: characterized by the well-being and satisfaction
  • Synonyms: fortunate, content
  • Example: She is indeed a very happy soul.

2. Hopeful

  • Definition: full of hope
  • Synonyms: auspicious, confident
  • Example: They were hopeful of a successful agreement between both the parties.

3. Hurray

  • Definition: cheering up with excitement
  • Synonyms: bravo, hooray
  • Example: Hurray! It’s time to go to the trip.

4. Honest

  • Definition: free from any deceitful habits
  • Synonyms: truthful, legitimate
  • Example: I respect your honest opinions.

5. Host

  • Definition: a person who receives the guests
  • Synonyms: chief, receiver
  • Example: Our host was really hospitable.

6. Hum

  • Definition: to produce sound of music beats
  • Synonyms: buzz, sing
  • Example: James hummed to himself as made his way towards the stage.

7. Hardy

  • Definition: able to absorb any kind of exposure and withstand hardships
  • Synonyms: strong, vigorous
  • Example: Only a few hardy souls continue to swim in the sea even in the middle of winter.

8. Homely

  • Definition: related to the comfort of home
  • Synonyms: lovely, pleasing
  • Example: The hotel at the side of the theatre was homely and comfortable.

9. Hilarity

  • Definition: a kind of cheerful laughter
  • Synonyms: gaiety, gayness
  • Example: The comedian was pleased when the audience responded with hilarity to his jokes and acts.

10. Honor

  • Definition: regard with great respect
  • Synonyms: esteem, respect
  • Example: We honored their parents in all they did.

Positive Words That Start with H to Boost Your Energy

Low on energy? On the verge of breaking down? We all can relate to such days when we feel drained out. So here is a simple fix! Use these positive H words, to motivate yourself. These inspiring words that start with H will help you a long way.

1. Health

  • Definition: the condition of the body
  • Synonyms: fitness, soundness
  • Example: Regular exercise and intake of fresh juices is good for your health.

2. Home

  • Definition: a place of one’s residence
  • Synonyms: place, quarters
  • Example: I only feel relaxed when I am home at weekends.

3. Hope

  • Definition: having the desire of the fulfillment of any task
  • Synonyms: trust, reliance
  • Example: He had high hopes of being chosen for the leading part in the play and he did get that part.

4. Heal

  • Definition: to restore the health
  • Synonyms: mend, recoup
  • Example: Time heals all wounds only if one has enough patience.

5. Heavenly

  • Definition: of a very amazing kind
  • Synonyms: delightful, awesome
  • Example: It was a good party and the food was expectedly heavenly.

6. Hermetic

  • Definition: impregnable to outside influence
  • Synonyms: solitary, arcane
  • Example: As a full time freelance writer who rarely leaves her house, Kat lives a hermetic lifestyle.

7. Heartening

  • Definition: filled with courage and positive feelings
  • Synonyms: encouraging, inspiring
  • Example: It was heartening to see him doing well again after so long.

8. Harmony

  • Definition: having internal unity
  • Synonyms: agreement, accord
  • Example: We all should try to live in harmony to maintain the peace of our society.

9. Harbinger

  • Definition: something that heralds a future possibility
  • Synonyms: precursor, foregoer
  • Example: The speech given by the Prime Minister was a harbinger of a change in policy.

10. Halcyon

  • Definition: free from any kind of disturbance
  • Synonyms: calm, untroubled
  • Example: Momina recalled the halcyon days of her youth joyously.

Positive Words That Start with H to Cheer You Up

You know, it’s a basic rule of love that whenever our loved one is down, we feel sad too. We have an effective remedy! These encouraging words that start with H, will work like magic. So go through these motivating words that start with H and pick the best for your loved ones.

1. Helpful

  • Definition: to be of any assistance
  • Synonyms: conducive, useful
  • Example: She’s been so helpful to us all.

2. Harmless

  • Definition: lacking any kind of liability or harm
  • Synonyms: innocent, inoffensive
  • Example: Peter might look a bit fierce, but actually he’s fairly harmless and full of potential.

3. Honorable

  • Definition: worthy of high respect
  • Synonyms: upright, decent
  • Example: Her neighbors are hospitable as well as very honorable people.

4. Help

  • Definition: to provide someone your useful assistance
  • Synonyms: aid, assist
  • Example: He always helps the poor and feed the birds.

5. Highbrow

  • Definition: filled with great knowledge
  • Synonyms: nerdy, intellect
  • Example: This is a film for highbrows and ignites a great sense of passion.

6. Hanker

  • Definition: to have a very strong wish
  • Synonyms: yearn, crave
  • Example: I’ve been hankering for pizza past two hours – let’s go and get it.

7. Haven

  • Definition: a place free from any kind of danger
  • Synonyms: harbor, port
  • Example: The backyard was a haven from the noise and bustle of the city and trains.

8. Haha

  • Definition: a respectful laugh
  • Synonyms: hahaha
  • Example: Haha, the lecture was so funny.

9. Heyday

  • Definition: period of one’s great popularity
  • Synonyms: bloom, prime
  • Example: In their heyday of their new album, they sold as many records as all the other groups in the country put together.

10. Heedful

  • Definition: paying complete attention
  • Synonyms: careful, cautious
  • Example: You should be more heedful of my advice from now onwards.

Uncommon Positive Words That Start with H to Enlarge Your Vocabulary

We started off with the basic vocabulary and we’ll end with a list that is more complex and upgraded. These positive words with letter H, are uncommon and sophisticated. If you want to impress your fellows, these good words that start with H will be your tools!

1. Hubby

  • Definition: a humorous or affectionate way of referring to a person’s husband
  • Synonyms: husband
  • Example: She was in deep love with his hubby.

2. Humidify

  • Definition: to moisturize
  • Synonyms: damp, bedew
  • Example: Plants humidify and cool the air only in hot weather and dries out in cold weather.

3. Harmonious

  • Definition: related to the state of complete agreement
  • Synonyms: sweet, pleasant
  • Example: There are harmonious relations between our country’s ethnic groups and some of the minorities.

4. Hybridize

  • Definition: to produce by cross breeding
  • Synonyms: cross, blend
  • Example: A few gardeners hybridize their roses and some other flowers in spring season.

5. Harmonize

  • Definition: to develop a respectful relationship
  • Synonyms: agree, coordinate
  • Example: We need to harmonize amongst ourselves to come up with a perfect plan.

6. Honorific

  • Definition: as in title of some respectable rank
  • Synonyms: appellative
  • Example: Jack was given an honorific badge at the ceremony last year.

7. Hearty

  • Definition: full of energy
  • Synonyms: cheery, generous
  • Example: The children gave us a hearty welcome.

8. Husky

  • Definition: very deep in sound
  • Synonyms: rasping, hoarse
  • Example: My friend Jimmy is a big fan of my husky voice.

9. Huggable

  • Definition: invitation for a close embrace
  • Synonyms: cuddle, hug
  • Example: He is a small, cute and huggable little baby.

10. Hotshot

  • Definition: someone who is skilful and successful at something
  • Synonyms: expert, genius
  • Example: Sally is quite a hotshot at computer.

Positive Words That Start with H – Full List (350+ Words)

The end of these categories brings us to the full list of positive words that start with H. Quick check? Give them a read and see how many you remember! In case of confusion you can revise by scrolling up.

  • Happiness
  • Highlight
  • Honey
  • Heartfelt
  • Harvest
  • Hue
  • Huge
  • Hospitable
  • Homey
  • Humorous
  • Handsome
  • Humble
  • Hardworking
  • Humane
  • Heroism
  • Hypnotize
  • Heartthrob
  • High-spirited
  • Humanist
  • Headstrong
  • Hug
  • Holy
  • Hilarious
  • Holiday
  • Heaven
  • High-flier
  • Husbandly
  • High-principled
  • Harbor
  • Hortatory
  • Head
  • Hire
  • Hero
  • High
  • Headline
  • Harness
  • Hone
  • Homage
  • Huddle
  • Humanitarian
  • Happy
  • Hopeful
  • Hurray
  • Honest
  • Host
  • Hum
  • Hardy
  • Homely
  • Hilarity
  • Honor
  • Health
  • Home
  • Hope
  • Heal
  • Heavenly
  • Hermetic
  • Heartening
  • Harmony
  • Harbinger
  • Halcyon
  • Helpful
  • Harmless
  • Honorable
  • Help
  • Highbrow
  • Hanker
  • Haven
  • Haha
  • Heyday
  • Heedful
  • Hubby
  • Humidify
  • Harmonious
  • Hybridize
  • Harmonize
  • Honorific
  • Hearty
  • Husky
  • Huggable
  • Hotshot
  • Hard-wearing
  • Handily
  • Heroes
  • Harangue
  • Heroine
  • Happen
  • Holiness
  • Hepcat
  • High-tensile
  • Happily
  • Handsomely
  • Hospitability
  • Honoris-Causa
  • Humanity
  • Handsel
  • Heigh
  • Heady
  • Hot-blooded
  • Helpmate
  • Hedonism
  • Hitch
  • Horse-Sense
  • Hobby
  • Hotfoot
  • Hot-ticket
  • Hold
  • Hushabye
  • Hegemony
  • High-roller
  • Honored
  • Highlighted
  • Habile
  • Hayride
  • Hugging
  • Hiero
  • Height
  • Hawk-eyed
  • Harlequin
  • Hail
  • Healer
  • Hyped
  • High-tech
  • Hybrid-vigour
  • Honeylike
  • Heaven-sent
  • Huzzah
  • Hopefulness
  • Hallow
  • Hysterical
  • High-brow
  • High-Technology
  • Honeybun
  • Humanly
  • Headway
  • Heterosis
  • Healing
  • Honorably
  • Honora
  • Heralded
  • Homeland
  • Humanhood
  • Heroic
  • High-functioning
  • Harmonic
  • Homemade
  • Have
  • He-man
  • Hibernate
  • Hardcore
  • Heirloom
  • Hand-picked
  • High-demand
  • Heart
  • Hongi
  • Hosanna
  • Hole-in-one
  • Hare
  • Hit
  • Hysteria
  • Heiress
  • Hello
  • Hi
  • Heuristic
  • Hale
  • Happening
  • Helped
  • Honestly
  • Hard-nosed
  • High-fashion
  • Hunk
  • Honoree
  • How
  • Honeypot
  • Hep
  • Half-price
  • Heroize
  • Humongous
  • Honouring
  • Herbal
  • Habiliment
  • Happy-go-lucky
  • Hypersonic
  • Hearten
  • High-calibre
  • Hygiene
  • Hen-party
  • Hellenize
  • Hopefully
  • Hunky-dory
  • Horticultural
  • High-quality
  • Hipster
  • High-class
  • High-minded
  • Humbleness
  • haecceity
  • Hinny
  • Hansel
  • Howdy
  • Hotcakes
  • Hi-fi
  • Hygienic
  • Holism
  • High-spiritedness
  • hitched
  • Holistic
  • ho-ho
  • Heighten
  • Hidalgo
  • Handle
  • Hobnob
  • Health-food
  • Humility
  • Hubba-Hubba
  • Hotcake
  • Hands-on
  • Honesty
  • Heartily
  • Hypnotic
  • Honoured
  • Hootenanny
  • Hallowed
  • Heroically
  • Hyperactive
  • High-caliber
  • High-fidelity
  • Humour
  • Hortative
  • Hoot
  • Humanistic
  • Heart-throb
  • Haut-Monde
  • Halo
  • Hang
  • Habitual
  • Honeymoon
  • Homecoming
  • Honour
  • Heavyweight
  • Heed
  • High-powered
  • Hypostasize
  • Huzza
  • Harmoniously
  • Harmonizable
  • High-day
  • Hype
  • Heterogeneous
  • Honeyed
  • Humor
  • Harvester
  • Hallelujah
  • Habit
  • Hygienist
  • High-ground
  • Humanism
  • Hickey
  • Hushaby
  • Honorand
  • house-warming
  • Hegemonic
  • Howl
  • Hard-hitting
  • Hinge
  • Head-turning
  • High-reaching
  • Highly
  • Haute-Couture
  • Healthy
  • Historical
  • Huggy
  • Handout
  • Healthful
  • Highest
  • Homogenize
  • Hooked
  • Headmaster
  • Hoedown
  • Heritor
  • Hall
  • Helping
  • Homie
  • Handy
  • Handwritten
  • Hunky
  • Hot-stuff
  • Habituate
  • Humbling
  • Heteroclite
  • Heart-warming
  • Hooray
  • High-demanded
  • Honourable-Mention
  • Hands-down
  • Hottie
  • Homegrown
  • Hermitage
  • Heart-to-heart
  • Hirsute
  • howling
  • Humanely
  • Hope-chest
  • Highness
  • Hoist
  • Harmonized
  • Helpfulness
  • Hottest
  • High-road
  • Homebound
  • Hang-out
  • Honourable
  • Humankind
  • High-priority
  • Handshake
  • Hysteric
  • High-profile
  • High-spirits
  • Honorary
  • High-spot
  • Hardihood
  • Humdinger
  • Hip
  • Hot-gospel
  • Hot
  • Human
  • Habitable
  • Handclap
  • Helpfully
  • Heterodox
  • Helper
  • Hugely
  • Human-rights
  • Herald
  • Handsomeness
  • Honorifics
  • Humorously
  • Hard-working
  • Historic
  • Haute
  • Hospitality
  • Honest-to-Goodness
  • honours-list
  • Hallmark
  • Hovel
  • Heritage
  • Hyperfine
  • Honorarium
  • High-resolution
  • Hurrah
  • High-concept
  • Hen-night

Final Thoughts on Positive Words That Start with H

We are done with exclusively compiled positive words that start with H. Our lives are filled with challenges and obstacles and sometimes it gets too intimidating for us to tackle them.

On such days, one cannot help but be drained out both emotionally and mentally. Words play an eminent role in uplifting mood and confidence. So we came up with a special collection of positive words starting with H.

We have divided them into multiple categories along with interesting examples that you can use in your daily dealings. These positive words beginning with H are extremely fun to use.

The right words can oomph up your gatherings and make you the most favorite guest! So we encourage you to make these positive words that start with H a part of your daily discourse.

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