400+ Nouns That Start with L | Definitions and Examples Included

We are very excited to introduce our list of nouns that with L to you guys. Each word is explained with, to the point definition and a sentence, and on the other hand we have also added couple of synonyms with each word.

Nothing scares people the most than losing their ability to express their emotions in any situation. Nouns that start with L will not abandon you in the times of need.

Nouns beginning with L are very common to be used by anyone, anywhere. So, do not just sit down and wait for the opportunity to arrive just take the first step of learning new words.

Education is something that has a certain age of being acquired, no matter how old or young you are, never stop nourishing your mind with plethora of words and polish your skills too side by side.

We will be very happy if this list of nouns starting with L proves to be helpful for you. Let’s start learning already.   

Most Common Nouns That Start with L

Over here you will find common and very easy nouns that start with L. A bunch of these will always be used by someone in your surroundings, just pay attention to what the other person has to tell.

1. Light

  • Definition: the natural agent that makes the other thing visible to the normal eye
  • Synonyms: illumination, brightness
  • Example: Light travels faster than sound.

2. Love

  • Definition: a feeling of affection towards someone with great intensity
  • Synonyms: fondness, warmth
  • Example: I make cakes for him on his birthday out of love.

3. Lady

  • Definition: a polite way of talking about a woman
  • Synonyms: female, girl
  • Example: I just love that lady.

4. Land

  • Definition: the surface of the earth without any water above it
  • Synonyms: coastline, shore
  • Example: He has sold all his farm land on profitable amount.

5. Lake

  • Definition: a large water area that is surrounded by water
  • Synonyms: pond, tarn
  • Example: She takes her kids to the lake every evening.

6. Lip

  • Definition: the upper and lower edges of the opening of the mouth
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: It is important to keep your lips moisturized in winters as well as in summers.

7. Label

  • Definition: a piece of paper attached to the object which informs about it details
  • Synonyms: tag, ticket
  • Example: I will change the label design for my brand soon.

8. Life

  • Definition: the state of existing and breathing
  • Synonyms: being, living
  • Example: Life is a combination of ups and downs.

9. Lesson

  • Definition: a period of time that makes a person learn about the subject
  • Synonyms: class, session
  • Example: The lazy kid did not prepare his lesson for the test.

10. Language

  • Definition: the state that allows a person to interact with others with the help of words and voice
  • Synonyms: tongue, speech
  • Example: My grip on Urdu language is not very strong.

Nouns That Start with L – Beginner Level

A beginner always starts his learning journey with the easiest approach. Beginner level nouns that start with the letter L are also great to start learning English language

1. Link

  • Definition: a relationship or bond between two either different or same things
  • Synonyms: connection, relatedness
  • Example: There is a strong link between faith and practice.

2. Location

  • Definition: the exact place of something
  • Synonyms: position, place
  • Example: Sydney emailed me the location of Tom’s house.

3. Library

  • Definition: a special kind of room which is used for studying in peace and is filled with books
  • Synonyms: bibliotheca, study
  • Example: Library is my favorite place to spend my free time.

4. Laugh

  • Definition: an act of pleasantly chuckling
  • Synonyms: chuckle, guffaw
  • Example: Her laugh is so stupid.

5. Loan

  • Definition: a thing or a sum of money that is borrowed and should be returned later on
  • Synonyms: credit
  • Example: The bank rejected his application of loan.

6. Loss

  • Definition: the state of losing (something or someone)
  • Synonyms: cost, damage
  • Example: Her sister’s loss was a lot for her to handle.

7. Length

  • Definition: the measurement of something
  • Synonyms: breadth, diameter
  • Example: The length of the rope he bought was 15 meters, exactly what I asked for.

8. Lawyer

  • Definition: someone who deals in court with the big issues people face
  • Synonyms: advocate, counselor
  • Example: Maiden is a lawyer by profession.

9. Leadership

  • Definition: the set of qualities that help a person become a good leader
  • Synonyms: direction, authority
  • Example: The state’s leadership is doomed because of these corrupt politicians.

10. Logic

  • Definition: facts based statement
  • Synonyms: philosophy, rationale
  • Example: The foundations of logic were laid by none other than Socrates.

Nouns That Start with L – Medium Level

In this category you will come across words that hold a great importance in one’s communication. Noun words that start with L are present in vast amount and some of them you are going to witness below.

1. Laboratory

  • Definition: a place where medical tests reports are being prepared
  • Synonyms: lab
  • Example: The scientist was found dead in his laboratory.

2. Librarian

  • Definition: a person who takes care of a library
  • Synonyms: administrator, keeper
  • Example: The librarian is not a very friendly person to have a chat with.

3. Lipstick

  • Definition: a colorful cosmetic stick women apply on their lips
  • Synonyms: makeup, blush
  • Example: I am hoping to get my hands on new Fenty beauty lipsticks as soon as they launch.

4. Layman

  • Definition: someone who has incomplete knowledge over a matter
  • Synonyms: non-expert, amateur
  • Example: A layman should not be trusted with sensitive matters.

5. Lineage

  • Definition: the old members of a person’s family
  • Synonyms: origin, tribe
  • Example: My ancestry is filled with a lineage of military people.

6. Literature

  • Definition: written works of artistic worth which are passed down generation by generation
  • Synonyms: art, composition
  • Example: My French literature is very strong.

7. Lyric

  • Definition: the line of any song
  • Synonyms: words, lines
  • Example: Selena Gomez is a queen of writing emotional lyrics.

8. Legacy

  • Definition: the property or a sum of money left to someone by his elders
  • Synonyms: bequest, inheritance
  • Example: She did not leave any legacy for her kids because of her poor social status.

9. Lord

  • Definition: a man of great worth and moral attitude
  • Synonyms: noble, nobleman
  • Example: May lord have mercy upon us.

10. Limelight

  • Definition: the act of getting a lot of public attention
  • Synonyms: glare, spotlight
  • Example: Lily enjoys all the limelight every time her song gets viral.

Nouns That Start with L – Hard Level

If you are not confident in public speaking because of low self-esteem and poor vocabulary, this list of nouns beginning with L might be of great help to you. Take a look at all of them and then decide if you agree with us or not.

1. Livestock

  • Definition: the place where animals are kept and raised
  • Synonyms: stock, cattle
  • Example: The sale of our livestock did not go well this season.

2. Locomotive

  • Definition: a railway vehicle that is used for the pulling of trains
  • Synonyms: engine, coal-burner
  • Example: I saw two diesel locomotives today on my way home.

3. Limitation

  • Definition: a restriction
  • Synonyms: curb, control
  • Example: The government has imposed strict limitations on public water use.

4. Leukemia

  • Definition: blood cancer
  • Synonyms: cancer
  • Example: She was diagnosed with third stage of leukemia in her 20s.

5. Leverage

  • Definition: the actions of exerting a force
  • Synonyms: grip, hold
  • Example: We rejected their offers because they were all about leverage, not strength.

6. Loudspeaker

  • Definition: a device with extremely loud sound quality and it converts electrical impulses into sounds
  • Synonyms: speaker, microphone
  • Example: They jury made their announcement over the loudspeaker.

7. Livelihood

  • Definition: the state of saving the important things of life
  • Synonyms: income, sustenance
  • Example: He lost his livelihood recently.

8. Luster

  • Definition: the brightness present on a surface that makes it look shiny
  • Synonyms: shine, gleam
  • Example: Her hair luster was not the same after battling with a deadly disease for two months.

9. Locale

  • Definition: an area or place where a special event takes place
  • Synonyms: site, spot
  • Example: Maldives sounds to be a perfect locale for my honeymoon.

10. Landmark

  • Definition: a building or place that holds a great historical importance
  • Synonyms: monument, sight
  • Example: The historical landmarks in our country are full of artistic beauty.

Nouns That Start with L – Expert Level

The L nouns in this section are extremely difficult and they are also used in rare conversations. Most of the conversations that include nouns with letter L are formal or intellectual.

1. Legion

  • Definition: a group of men and women that are trained and organized for military operations
  • Synonyms: army, array
  • Example: Her brother will be joining French Foreign legion after his graduation.

2. Linchpin

  • Definition: a person that is of great worth to an organization
  • Synonyms: center, cornerstone
  • Example: Employees are the linchpin of any industry.

3. Levy

  • Definition: the act of imposing a duty
  • Synonyms: duty, imposition
  • Example: They imposed a 5% levy on exported goods.

4. Litigation

  • Definition: the act of taking a legal action
  • Synonyms: case, lawsuit
  • Example: The company owners wish to avoid any sort of litigation and talk out their issues.

5. Liaison

  • Definition: a very close or personal link
  • Synonyms: cooperation, association
  • Example: They are successfully maintaining a close liaison with the foreign trading union.

6. Levity

  • Definition: the act of making a joke out of a serious situation
  • Synonyms: liveliness, cheerfulness
  • Example: Your levity will cost you your career.

7. Lore

  • Definition: the state of being aware of all the traditional stories
  • Synonyms: myth, legend
  • Example: She is writing a story on the djinns of Arabian lore.

8. Lethargy

  • Definition: the state of being lazy
  • Synonyms: sluggishness, inaction
  • Example: The morning breeze was filling the air with lethargy.

9. Legislation

  • Definition: the process of making laws
  • Synonyms: law, ratification
  • Example: He is the rising member of housing legislation.

10. Leeway

  • Definition: the state of being able to move freely
  • Synonyms: scope, latitude
  • Example: Candice has been granted with more leeway than any other daughter of the king.

Positive Nouns That Start with L

Every word has a positive connotation as well as negative connotation. So we have decided to share with you a list of positive nouns that start with L below.

1. Law

  • Definition: a particular rule according to which a society has to move forward
  • Synonyms: constitution, code
  • Example: Respect the traffic laws just like you follow and respect other laws.

2. Liberation

  • Definition: the action of freeing someone
  • Synonyms: release, discharge
  • Example: She cannot wait to meet her lover after his liberation.

3. Luxury

  • Definition: the sense of comfort
  • Synonyms: richness, grandeur
  • Example: A life of luxury is what she desires the most.

4. Leisure

  • Definition: that time of the routine in which a person is not working
  • Synonyms: freedom, free time
  • Example: He likes to sleep in his leisure time.

5. Longevity

  • Definition: the state of living for a long time
  • Synonyms: endurance, durability
  • Example: The mother always prays for her children’s longevity.

6. Luminary

  • Definition: a person who is famous because of a certain quality or skill
  • Synonyms: leader, expert
  • Example: Bob is the only luminary of this business who has a clean reputation.

7. Loyalty

  • Definition: the quality of being unable to betray or stab
  • Synonyms: allegiance, fealty
  • Example: Her loyalty speaks volume about her character.

8. Learning

  • Definition: gaining of new information or knowledge mostly with the help of reading
  • Synonyms: education, schooling
  • Example: This new technique makes learning fun for kids.

9. Luck

  • Definition: the force that allows good things to take place
  • Synonyms: success, prosperity
  • Example: She survived the car crash by luck.

10. Leniency

  • Definition: the fact of being tolerant
  • Synonyms: forgiveness, clemency
  • Example: The students responded well to their teacher’s leniency towards them.

Proper Nouns That Start with L

I find this category to be the coolest out of all other categories, only because it allows me to learn new names without having a boring approach. Here are the famous proper nouns that start with L.

1. Lebanon

  • Definition: name of a country present in the Middle East having coastline with the Mediterranean Sea
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: The capital of Lebanon is Beirut.

2. Lanzhou

  • Definition: a city present in the north side of China
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Lanzhou is the capital of Gansu province.

3. Liam

  • Definition: a boy’s name
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: I hate Liam for breaking my friend’s heart.

4. Lada

  • Definition: name of a car brand
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Lada is owned by a Russian company.

5. Libya

  • Definition: a North African country
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: The official language of Libya is Arabic.

6. Leo

  • Definition: a male’s name
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Leo used to win every debate competition in college.

7. Logan

  • Definition: name of a guy
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Logan went to The Weekend’s concert last year.

8. Lahore

  • Definition: capital city of Punjab province
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Lahore is situated near Indian border.

9. Latvia

  • Definition: name of a country present on the Eastern shore of Baltic sea
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Riga is known to be the capital of Latvia.

10. Landwind

  • Definition: an automobile marque based in China
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: My brother had the opportunity to meet the owner of Landwind in his internship days.

Nouns That Start with L to Describe Things

In order to clarify things you will need to have a deep knowledge about nouns. Nouns function as an excellent tool when it comes to avoid lame conversations. The top 10 nouns for the things that start with L are listed below.

1. Letter

  • Definition: a message that is to be delivered to other person in form of writing
  • Synonyms: message, epistle
  • Example: The writing of a letter was an old school trend.

2. List

  • Definition: a catalog with the names of all the things on it
  • Synonyms: catalogue, record
  • Example: My mother gave the grocery list to my father and he lost it somewhere.

3. Layer

  • Definition: a top covering of anything
  • Synonyms: coating, cover
  • Example: Second layer of cake frosting is not very challenging as first.

4. Lamp

  • Definition: a device with a bulb in it that gives light
  • Synonyms: flashlight, torch
  • Example: My side table lamp is very old.

5. Ladder

  • Definition: a piece of wooden equipment used for climbing
  • Synonyms: stair, step-stool
  • Example: He fell from the ladder and broke his legs.

6. Leaf

  • Definition: a flattened structure of green color of a plant
  • Synonyms: bud, foliate
  • Example: I saw a ladybird sitting on the plant’s leaf.

7. Lion

  • Definition: a large animal of wild nature and is from the cat’s family
  • Synonyms: cougar, wildcat
  • Example: The lion in the zoo freaked out the kid.

8. Lunch

  • Definition: the middle meal of the day
  • Synonyms: brunch, meal
  • Example: I eat my lunch alone in my office’s mess.

9. Leg

  • Definition: part of a body used for walking or running
  • Synonyms: shank, limb
  • Example: My legs are hurting so much right now.

10. Lemon

  • Definition: an oval fruit having sour juice and yellow covering
  • Synonyms: citron
  • Example: Why are lemons so expensive in summers?

Nouns That Start with L – Full List (400+ Words)

Finally you are now reaching at the bottom of the list of nouns that start with L, you must be feeling great. Almost all the words present in different categories are now placed under one heading. Check them out.

  • Light
  • Love
  • Lady
  • Land
  • Lake
  • Lip
  • Label
  • Life
  • Lesson
  • Language
  • Link
  • Location
  • Library
  • Laugh
  • Loan
  • Loss
  • Length
  • Lawyer
  • Leadership
  • Logic
  • Laboratory
  • Librarian
  • Lipstick
  • Layman
  • Lineage
  • Literature
  • Lyric
  • Legacy
  • Lord
  • Limelight
  • Livestock
  • Locomotive
  • Limitation
  • Leukemia
  • Leverage
  • Loudspeaker
  • Livelihood
  • Luster
  • Locale
  • Landmark
  • Legion
  • Linchpin
  • Levy
  • Litigation
  • Liaison
  • Levity
  • Lore
  • Lethargy
  • Legislation
  • Leeway
  • Law
  • Liberation
  • Luxury
  • Leisure
  • Longevity
  • Luminary
  • Loyalty
  • Learning
  • Luck
  • Leniency
  • Lebanon
  • Lanzhou
  • Liam
  • Lada
  • Libya
  • Leo
  • Logan
  • Lahore
  • Latvia
  • Landwind
  • Letter
  • List
  • Layer
  • Lamp
  • Ladder
  • Leaf
  • Lion
  • Lunch
  • Leg
  • Lemon
  • Lockup
  • Lionfish
  • Lineament
  • Letterman
  • Lieu
  • Load
  • Lag
  • Lash
  • Legality
  • Lark
  • Ligand
  • Lucy
  • Launch
  • Liver
  • Liniment
  • Lock
  • Landslide
  • Livery
  • Laggard
  • Lard
  • Loin
  • Liverpool
  • Laureate
  • Lookup
  • Lap
  • Lotion
  • Likelihood
  • Launcher
  • Leafmold
  • Lassitude
  • Laudanum
  • Literalism
  • Lesion
  • Liberal
  • Languor
  • Longhand
  • Libertie
  • Lethality
  • Libertine
  • Liger
  • Lulu
  • Lyricist
  • Lakeside
  • Layette
  • Lilt
  • Liar
  • Lots
  • Lad
  • Lavender
  • League
  • Ladybug
  • Laundry
  • Lid
  • Limp
  • Latch
  • Lien
  • Linkage
  • Llama
  • Lactate
  • Liquidation
  • Legume
  • Lumber
  • Landscape
  • Lecture
  • Lux
  • Lemur
  • Lovie
  • Lapel
  • Lust
  • Lily
  • Leprosy
  • Linden
  • Loquacity
  • Ledger
  • Lullaby
  • Lemonade
  • Lobster
  • Layout
  • Lecturer
  • Left
  • Libretto
  • Lamb
  • Laxative
  • Lyricism
  • Low
  • Liquidity
  • Louisville
  • Leasure
  • Lime
  • Laser
  • Lionheart
  • Leather
  • Logo
  • Log
  • Lifer
  • Longhorn
  • Longshoremen
  • Loc
  • Levitation
  • Large
  • Lebensraum
  • Lucidity
  • Lawsuit
  • Leader
  • Lifeboat
  • Lens
  • Look
  • Loyalist
  • Lefthander
  • Lingo
  • Lurch
  • Limit
  • Lead
  • Lingerie
  • Leaguer
  • Leak
  • Laminate
  • Loot
  • Lizard
  • Ledge
  • Limousine
  • Liking
  • Lobularity
  • Lubrication
  • Lane
  • Licensee
  • Lantern
  • Ladle
  • Laughter
  • Loophole
  • Leftist
  • Lagoon
  • Legend
  • Lit
  • Legator
  • Litter
  • Lifeguard
  • Lola
  • Laboratorian
  • Least
  • Lobby
  • Lustre
  • Lightweight
  • Luncheon
  • Lithograph
  • Lise
  • Limbo
  • Lifeblood
  • Larkspur
  • Laurel
  • Literate
  • Legislature
  • Longing
  • Legato
  • Lyriist
  • Lymph
  • Liter
  • Lieder
  • Lull
  • Luggage
  • Longrun
  • License
  • Linguist
  • Ligament
  • Lightning
  • Lacquer
  • Lump
  • Liqueur
  • Longitude
  • Legatee
  • Lunchroom
  • Lecher
  • Las Vegas
  • London
  • Leaflet
  • LG
  • Leave
  • Lamplight
  • Liberty
  • Legitimacy
  • Labyrinth
  • Landau
  • Listener
  • Litorigin
  • Lice
  • Lament
  • Locust
  • Lot
  • Lawmen
  • Libel
  • Liberality
  • Lope
  • Liberalism
  • Labour
  • Lover
  • Liner
  • Lighter
  • Leopard
  • Lexicon
  • Luke
  • Lug
  • Like
  • Lasso
  • Labor
  • Lure
  • Liquid
  • Latex
  • Litigant
  • Lunchtime
  • Lubricant
  • Lumen
  • Lawman
  • Lava
  • Lemming
  • Lummox
  • Lather
  • Lance
  • Luminescence
  • Loaf
  • Line
  • Leapfrog
  • Lab
  • Lounge
  • Literati
  • Lobe
  • Litterbug
  • Lack
  • Laos
  • Lexicographer
  • Lineback
  • Localization
  • Lie
  • Lymphoma
  • Loader
  • Larceny
  • Lodge
  • Lace
  • Lapse
  • Latitude
  • Logger
  • Laity
  • Lint
  • Letterhead
  • Levee
  • Lays
  • Loft
  • Luminosity
  • Landlord
  • Libertarian
  • Loose
  • Legibility
  • Liability
  • Locker
  • Longtime
  • Let
  • Lunation
  • Lamborghini
  • Leftfield
  • Last
  • Linoleum
  • Lexus
  • Limber
  • Largesse
  • Lordship
  • Local
  • Loon
  • Lineman
  • Longshot
  • Laborer
  • Lyon
  • Lease
  • Los Angeles
  • Limb
  • Lobo
  • Livability
  • Lattice
  • Louse
  • Laymen
  • Lisbon
  • Lapidary
  • Loser
  • Lifestyle
  • Loreal
  • Loincloth
  • Loop
  • Leakage
  • Leprae
  • Lobule
  • Lookout
  • Lynx
  • Logarithm
  • Lieutenant
  • Luxuriance
  • Lath
  • Liquor
  • Lincoln
  • Lift
  • Level
  • Lever
  • Lobscouse
  • Loblolly
  • Lung
  • Locality
  • Larvae
  • Lifetime
  • Lineup
  • Loom
  • Lathe
  • Leash
  • Lawn
  • Lavatory
  • Lighting
  • Lodgment
  • Libido
  • Lignite
  • Linen
  • Lenovo
  • Leadsman
  • Legation
  • Larder
  • Leap
  • Lee
  • Lanthanum
  • Leafhopper
  • Lettermen
  • Latitudinarian
  • Legislator
  • Lute

Final Thoughts on Nouns That Start with L

We are very happy that you have made it to the conclusion part of this golden catalog. So, did you feel the same excitement while going through the list of nouns that start with L that we felt while making this list of nouns that start with L?

Please let us know about your final reviews about this list of nouns starting with L. My hard working team has carefully selected and placed nouns beginning with L in this one catalog only for the sake of your language improvement.

I must say, I was very nervous to teach you all before but all my worries were long lost when I realized you guys are also equally eager to learn and explore as I were in the beginning of this session. Hopefully see you soon again with a new list, on a new day. Have a good day.

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