39 Adjectives That Start with Z | Definitions and Examples Included

We welcome you to a wonderful collection of adjectives that start with Z. Well, Z is the last letter in the English language but not the least important one.

We know that not a lot of words start with this letter, but no one can deny its significance. So you must feed this thing to your brain that adjectives that start with Z are of utmost importance.

Now the list of adjectives starting beginning with Z, we are going to share with you below, might seem a bit odd to you. And you are not to blame since this list contains some adjectives that you mustn’t have heard of before.

Well, to be honest even the most established grammarians might not know this whole lot. But that shouldn’t stop you from making an effort to learn them. They are as important as the rest of them.

So let us get right into the descriptive words that start with Z and try to learn them by heart.

Most Common Adjectives That Start with Z

Without adjectives, we wouldn’t be able to explain how something would seem or behave. The adjectives that start with Z do the same thing. Here are some adjectives starting with Z.

1. Zigzag

  • Definition: related to roads or places veering to right and left alternatively
  • Synonyms: snaky, twisty
  • Example: The zigzag road at Babusar Top was really tricky.

2. Zoological

  • Definition: related to the scientific study of animals
  • Synonyms: biological
  • Example: The zoologists have been conducting a research on a new zoological specimen.

3. Zonary

  • Definition: linked to the nature of sectors and zones
  • Synonyms: territorial, regional
  • Example: You should keep in mind the zonary division while building your casino.

4. Zodiacal

  • Definition: related to zodiac or astrological signs
  • Synonyms: celestial, astrological
  • Example: Your zodiacal signs have revealed several positive changes in your life.

5. Zolaesque

  • Definition: following the style of Emile Zola
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: I have been writing a novel following Zolaesque style.

6. Zoic

  • Definition: related to animal life
  • Synonyms: animalistic
  • Example: He has been studying zoic books lately.

Adjectives That Start with Z – Beginner Level

The adjectives that begin with Z that people at beginner level use, are listed below. Attempt to get as many of these descriptors as you can.

1. Zippy

  • Definition: animated and lively
  • Synonyms: brisk, energetic
  • Example: I like her because she is really zippy.

2. Zonal

  • Definition: relating to zones and their placement
  • Synonyms: zonary
  • Example: The zonal division of the society brought about several positive changes.

3. Zoftig

  • Definition: (of women) having a plump rounded figure
  • Synonyms: flabby, rotund
  • Example: Jemima was the center of attention at the ball because she has a zoftig figure.

4. Zygomorphic

  • Definition: (of plants especially flowers) having bilateral symmetry
  • Synonyms: regular, unswerving
  • Example: Some zygomorphic flowers were sent to the manager.

5. Zygotic

  • Definition: related to a zygote
  • Synonyms: ovular
  • Example: The zygotic life cycle of many animals was discussed in the class today.

Adjectives That Start with Z – Medium Level

Adjectives enhance the aesthetic appeal and distinctiveness of our works whenever we use them. Learn the adjective words that start with Z listed below, and attempt to utilize them to make your writing and speaking stand out. Here are those adjectives that start with the letter Z for you.

1. Zeroth

  • Definition: referring to the position of the number before 1
  • Synonyms: nil, zero
  • Example: Karim lives in the zeroth building.

2. Zillion

  • Definition: an extremely large number
  • Synonyms: unlimited, massive
  • Example: He was asked a zillion times to stop his fake act.

3. Zygomatic

  • Definition: related to the jawbone
  • Synonyms: facial
  • Example: His zygomatic bone was damaged in the accident.

4. Zoophagous

  • Definition: nourishing on other animal creatures
  • Synonyms: carnivorous, predatory
  • Example: The animal was termed zoophagous because of its recent behavior.

5. Zoonotic

  • Definition: related to contagious sickness triggered by pathogens
  • Synonyms: viral
  • Example: Scientists have been investigating the root cause of this zoonotic disease.

Adjectives That Start with Z – Hard Level

You might already be conscious that one of adjectives’ primary purposes is to describe the world around us. Here are a few describing words beginning with Z that will aid us in characterizing the traits of various people and items in our immediate surroundings.

1. Zymoid

  • Definition: related to the fermentation of chemicals
  • Synonyms: biochemical, organic
  • Example: The supply of zymoid medicines is short these days.

3. Zenithal

  • Definition: near the zenith
  • Synonyms: chief, head
  • Example: The zenithal part of the building has been painted black.

2. Zymotic

  • Definition: relating to reactions that include fermentation
  • Synonyms: zymolytic
  • Example: Zymotic reactions were being studied in the school lab.

Adjectives That Start with Z to Describe a Person

Here are a few adjectives that start with Z to describe someone. You may discuss many facets of people’s personalities by being familiar with these Z adjectives to describe a person.

1. Zany

  • Definition: amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic
  • Synonyms: comical, goofy
  • Example: Zain’s zany tricks amused us all.

2. Zestful

  • Definition: full of vigor and passion
  • Synonyms: lively, gaudy, animated
  • Example: Philip gave a zestful performance at the opera.

3. Zealous

  • Definition: excited and keen
  • Synonyms: ardent, fervid
  • Example: I was moved by his zealous attitude towards every single matter.

4. Zaftig

  • Definition: (of people especially women) having large breasts and hips
  • Synonyms: curvaceous, curvy
  • Example: The zoftig actress was loved by all the viewers.

Adjectives That Start with Z – Full List (39 Words)

Here is the full list of adjectives that start with Z that we have discussed with above. Have fun revising all these adjectives.

  • Zigzag
  • Zoological
  • Zonary
  • Zippy
  • Zonal
  • Zoftig
  • Zeroth
  • Zillion
  • Zygomatic
  • Zymoid
  • Zenithal
  • Zymotic
  • Zodiacal
  • Zolaesque
  • Zoic
  • Zygomorphic
  • Zygotic
  • Zoophagous
  • Zoonotic
  • Zany
  • Zestful
  • Zealous
  • Zaftig
  • Zero
  • Zoetic
  • Zionist
  • Zygote
  • Zazzy
  • Zibeline
  • Zillionth
  • Zipless
  • Zinciferous
  • Zesty
  • Zappy
  • Zymolytic
  • Zen
  • Zonked
  • Zoogenic
  • Zingy

Final Thoughts on Adjectives That Start with Z

We are now going to end our discussion on adjectives that start with Z. This was the last article on the list of adjectives that we shared with you – starting with A and ending at Z.

We hope that you got to increase your word bank by learning some of the adjectives that we share with you, including the adjectives that start with Z.

Remember this thing that adjectives are a indispensable part of any language. They add beauty and colors to the description we give of this world. This is why they will never lose their significance.

So it is a must that you don’t consider these descriptive words that start with Z inferior. Give them the same treatment you gave to others. Only then you will become a successful language user.

So go through these adjectives starting with Z again and learn them by heart. Happy learning!

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