140+ Verbs That Start with G | Definitions and Examples Included

Using verbs that start with G in your writing can make it look more appealing and very unique.

Having an encyclopedia of verbs in one’s information and then using them according to the demand of a situation will leave an impressive reputation of the speaker on its audience.

You should get hold of as many verbs beginning with G as possible with the help of this list. In this way you are not just advancing your vocabulary bank but also expanding your creative space.

Verbs that start with G will prove to be very helpful in building your public image and might allow you to understand the art of networking in a better way.

Now let’s just jump into the catalogue and polish our English language skills by including new action words that start with G in the bank.

Learning new words and mastering up new and advance skills is the demand of current times. Never take education lightly if you aspire to lead one day.

Most Common Verbs That Start with G

We are going to discuss about verbs that start with G that are used in day-to-day conversations and writings. Common verbs starting with G, are listed below that also happen to be present in the top category of the catalog.

1. Gain           

  • Definition: to acquire benefit out of something or some situation
  • Synonyms: achieve, pocket
  • Example: I am gaining so much profit from my business these days.

2. Group

  • Definition: to assemble things into categories
  • Synonyms: arrange, classify
  • Example: Group these people into 3 sets.

3. Grab

  • Definition: to seize someone or something quickly
  • Synonyms: capture, grasp
  • Example: She grabbed the lying pencil from the floor and put it on the desk.

4. Gather

  • Definition: to combine things or people in one place
  • Synonyms: choose, accumulate
  • Example: To attend the final conference of the year, we were asked to gather in the auditorium hall.

5. Google

  • Definition: to use internet and search regarding multiple things
  • Synonyms: search, explore
  • Example: My mother still does not know how to Google things properly.

6. Glue           

  • Definition: to stick two or more things as one by using glue
  • Synonyms: cement, paste
  • Example: I glued both of the cardboard pieces together.

7. Glorify

  • Definition: to worship and praise a supreme being
  • Synonyms: commend, honor
  • Example: In order to glorify the country’s heroes a concrete statue was erected.

8. Greet

  • Definition: to warmly receive someone
  • Synonyms: welcome, address
  • Example: The Queen greeted the chief guests with so much respect.

9. Grow

  • Definition: to gradually increase in size
  • Synonyms: develop, mature
  • Example: Reading helps your mind grow and think new ideas.

10. Grieve

  • Definition: to feel deep sorrow over a loss
  • Synonyms: lament, cry
  • Example: She is still not over grieving her dead son.

Verbs That Start with G – Beginner Level

These are some of the verbs beginning with G that you come across every day, its either you use it while talking to someone or hear someone else use it in their conversations. Let us go over these verb words that start with G.

1. Grin

  • Definition: to smile broadly
  • Synonyms: smirk, beam
  • Example: In the lunch break he was continuously grinning at the pretty girl of his class.

2. Garden  

  • Definition: to take care of your plants in the lawn
  • Synonyms: farm, cultivate
  • Example: My grandpa likes gardening in his spare time.

3. Gasp

  • Definition: to feel a sudden shortness of air especially when surprised or shocked
  • Synonyms: choke, snort
  • Example: He was gasping for air.

4. Giggle

  • Definition: to laugh pleasantly without stopping
  • Synonyms: chuckle, snicker
  • Example: The girl started to giggle at her lover’s sight like a silly person.

5. Guess

  • Definition: to make a presumption based on your current knowledge or information of the matter
  • Synonyms: predict, suppose
  • Example: I guessed right while answering their question.

6. Glance

  • Definition: to take a quick, shy look at someone or something
  • Synonyms: gaze, peep
  • Example: He glanced up at me and passed a cute smile in the hallway.

7. Generalize

  • Definition: to make a detailed statements over specific cases
  • Synonyms: establish, induce
  • Example: You cannot easily generalize cooking books for young kids.

8. Gaze

  • Definition: to look at something or someone with great curiosity
  • Synonyms: peek, ogle
  • Example: She was gazing at the sky while lying on the grass.

9. Grace

  • Definition: bring honor or credit to someone or something
  • Synonyms: distinguish, elevate
  • Example: His room was graced by such fine photos.

10. Gut

  • Definition: to decimate the inside of any place or building
  • Synonyms: ransack, ravage
  • Example: The sudden eruption of fire gutted the entire building.

Verbs That Start with G – Medium Level

Any information is incomplete without the mention of verbs, especially verbs starting with letter G. Following are the verbs that you happen to use almost regularly. Top ten of them are:

1. Grimace

  • Definition: to give off an expression of disliking towards someone
  • Synonyms: contort, scowl
  • Example: The judges grimaced at the contestant’s poor attempt at singing.

2. Gear

  • Definition: to prepare something for its particular job
  • Synonyms: adapt, adjust
  • Example: The industry is geared to increase the supply rate of its products.

3. Govern

  • Definition: to have a proper control over a country or a city and make decisions for its people
  • Synonyms: administer, control
  • Example: She was unable to govern the state effectively because of pressure from the opposing party.

4. Glide

  • Definition: to move smoothly without any hurdle
  • Synonyms: sail, soar
  • Example: The skiers were gliding down the slope in a perfect manner.

5. Gush

  • Definition: to flow in large amounts very quickly
  • Synonyms: spew, spout
  • Example: John met an accident and blood started gushing out of his head.

6. Gabble

  • Definition: to speak without making clear sounds
  • Synonyms: jibber, babble
  • Example: Freya was gabbling while standing in his friends’ group, on purpose.

7. Grunt    

  • Definition: to produce a very rough voice in a low tone
  • Synonyms: groan, squawk
  • Example: The pigs were grunting while eating their food.

8. Gargle

  • Definition: to wash or clean mouth with either a chemical liquid or simple water
  • Synonyms: swish, mouthwash
  • Example: Gargling with salt water two times a day helped to heal her sore throat.

9. Garner

  • Definition: to make or keep a collection of something
  • Synonyms: gather, accumulate
  • Example: She garnered all the proof from the crime scene she could get, to help her brother prove innocent in the court.

10. Grease

  • Definition: to grease something with oil
  • Synonyms: anoint, oil, butter
  • Example: It is important to grease the container before filling it with cake mixture.

Verbs That Start with G – Hard Level

For the development of our English language, verbs play a great role. They help a person enhance his written expression as well as his communication skills. Below is the list of hard level verbs that begin with G.

1. Gloat

  • Definition: to become extremely happy over someone’s success or one’s own victory
  • Synonyms: rejoice, exult
  • Example: Samantha couldn’t help but gloat over her new job.

2. Gape

  • Definition: to stare at somebody
  • Synonyms: glare, goggle
  • Example: I gaped in awe when I see my graduation gown.

3. Gag            

  • Definition: to restrain someone from using force and not allowing them their freedom of speech
  • Synonyms: constrain, suppress
  • Example: He failed to gag the press despite having strong connections.

4. Globalize

  • Definition: to make an international impact and influence
  • Synonyms: popularize, internationalize
  • Example: All the companies owned by Elon Musk are well globalized.

5. Garble   

  • Definition: to intentionally make information hard to understand
  • Synonyms: confuse, misinterpret
  • Example: I hate it when he tries to garble facts.

6. Galvanize

  • Definition: to provoke someone to take an action without much thinking
  • Synonyms: arouse, motivate
  • Example: Her abusive language and shouting galvanized him to hit her.

7. Gesticulate

  • Definition: to use gestures in an excited manner
  • Synonyms: gesture, signal
  • Example: He was gesticulating wildly and arguing with his wife after she demanded for a divorce.

8. Gad

  • Definition: to roam around places seeking pleasure
  • Synonyms: gallivant, rave
  • Example: They gad around the world as they have always hoped to.

9. Gawk

  • Definition: to look at (someone or something) in a mean way
  • Synonyms: glare, ogle
  • Example: You are continuously gawking at me and I am very uncomfortable with this.

10. Grovel

  • Definition: to humiliate your own self
  • Synonyms: beseech, cringe
  • Example: You don’t expect me to grovel just because I was at fault, or do you?

Verbs That Start with G – Expert Level

As compared to hard level verbs that start with the letter G, expert level G verbs are quite difficult to learn and technical to handle but if you revise them and learn them with pure dedication, you will be able to master them up too.

1. Gibe           

  • Definition: to taunt other by using scoffing words
  • Synonyms: ridicule, mock
  • Example: It is mean to gibe at your weak friends.

2. Glean

  • Definition: to collect information with difficulty
  • Synonyms: deduce, extract
  • Example: I was not successful to glean much from the newspaper and prepare a report for my project submission.

3. Gallivant

  • Definition: to visit or go to a lot of different places in order to seek pleasure
  • Synonyms: gad, jaunt
  • Example: She was very brave to give up on her well-paying job so that she could gallivant the world full time.

4. Gestate

  • Definition: to slowly construct an idea in one’s head
  • Synonyms: conceive, conceptualize
  • Example: It is difficult for the subconscious mind to gestate so much of technical information.

5. Grouse

  • Definition: to make complaints in an angry tone
  • Synonyms: protest, complain
  • Example: She started to grouse in the salon while looking at the hair cut prices.

6. Guillotine

  • Definition: to use a guillotine in order to cut someone’s head off
  • Synonyms: decapitate, behead
  • Example: During the French Revolution, thousands of people were guillotined.

7. Glisten

  • Definition: to shine when light hit a wet place and reflect back
  • Synonyms: flicker, sparkle
  • Example: Klaus’ eyes were glistering with happy tears.

8. Gouge

  • Definition: to disintegrate something in a rough manner
  • Synonyms: burrow, cut
  • Example: Some sort of ancient symbol was gouged at the wood surface.

9. Gambol

  • Definition: to happily make jumps
  • Synonyms: frolic, jump
  • Example: Ali was gamboling out of sheer happiness.

10. Grubstake       

  • Definition: to lend someone your money in order for them to start their business and in return provide you with a small amount of money from its profit
  • Synonyms: give, bank
  • Example: They grubstaked the farmer three horses and a herd of sheep.

Positive Verbs That Start with G

Positive verbs that start with G are of great worth in both verbal communication and written expression. Following are the top ten greatly used positive verbs, a person is inclined to use one way or another.

1. Gift

  • Definition: to give someone a present out of love
  • Synonyms: bestow, award
  • Example: She gifted me a beautiful watch.

2. Generate

  • Definition: to produce
  • Synonyms: produce, form
  • Example: We hope to generate new jobs in the city with the help of our new project.

3. Grill 

  • Definition: to prepare food over hot grills or coals
  • Synonyms: barbecue, sear
  • Example: I love grilling chicken for my lunch.

4. Guarantee

  • Definition: to promise the future existence of something
  • Synonyms: affirm, certify
  • Example: They guaranteed us safe passage.

5. Glamorize

  • Definition: to highly praise something and make it look glamorous
  • Synonyms: adorn, prettify
  • Example: This song glamorizes patriotism.

6. Guard

  • Definition: to protect someone or something from danger
  • Synonyms: defend, safeguard
  • Example: Being an elder sister, it is my duty to guard my brothers from any danger.

7. Grant

  • Definition: to allow the access of something to someone
  • Synonyms: contribute, donate
  • Example: They were finally granted the new password of the safety deposit account.

8. Glow          

  • Definition: to produce steady light without flame
  • Synonyms: brighten, illuminate
  • Example: She glows with excitement whenever her lover is around.

9. Graduate

  • Definition: to complete a degree from an institution respectively, to pass out
  • Synonyms: finish, certify
  • Example: He will graduate from HARVARD University this year.

10. Guide

  • Definition: to direct the location to someone
  • Synonyms: advise, steer
  • Example: The lights will guide us home.

Action Verbs That Start with G

A certain type of action verbs that start with G are reserved for specific uses only. These are the commonly used action words along with their definitions, synonyms and sentences. Take a look at them with an eager eye.

1. Grade

  • Definition: to mark a score over a student’s work
  • Synonyms: value, rate
  • Example: I am yet to grade students’ papers.

2. Gamble      

  • Definition: to play money games and put things or other people lives
  • Synonyms: challenge, bet
  • Example: He is an addict and gambles away all his money.

3. Gesture

  • Definition: to express something or convey your message using gestures
  • Synonyms: signal, wave
  • Example: She gestured to me several times.

4. Groom

  • Definition: to clean and comb oneself or an animal
  • Synonyms: brush, clean
  • Example: She groomed herself so much in the summer break.

5. Grasp

  • Definition: to hold something very firmly in your hands
  • Synonyms: clutch, grip
  • Example: The kid grasped his mother’s hand when the snake appeared out of nowhere.

6. Grip

  • Definition: to grasp or seize something with tight hands
  • Synonyms: clasp, clench
  • Example: She gripped his hand tightly in fear.

7. Gulp

  • Definition: to shove large bites of meals down your throat
  • Synonyms: consume, swallow
  • Example: He gulped all the juice in one go.

8. Gobble

  • Definition: to eat your meal in haste
  • Synonyms: devour, gulp
  • Example: It is unimpressive to gobble your food like that.

9. Gallop

  • Definition: to start to run quickly
  • Synonyms: dart, dash
  • Example: The kids were galloping through the farm.

10. Garrote

  • Definition: to kill someone by using a metal wire or collar around their neck and then pulling it
  • Synonyms: assassinate, execute
  • Example: The thieves garroted Mike.

Irregular Verbs That Start with G

A bunch of irregular verbs that start with G are meant to be discussed next. These verbs are interesting to know since they have different 2nd and 3rd forms.

1. Go   

  • Definition: to move from place to place
  • Synonyms: travel, depart
  • Example: He went to the park for a walk.

2. Get

  • Definition: to buy or obtain something
  • Synonyms: earn, receive
  • Example: I got 1000 dollars as a reward.

3. Give

  • Definition: to award something to someone without expecting any return profit
  • Synonyms: donate, provide
  • Example: Sara gave me her favorite book to read.

4. Grow

  • Definition: to develop and flourish in size
  • Synonyms: thrive, mature
  • Example: The crops grew well in the field.

5. Gird

  • Definition: to tie something around your body or part of your body
  • Synonyms: strengthen, brace
  • Example: The warriors girded themselves for battle.

6. Grave

  • Definition: to imprint something on mind
  • Synonyms: fix, mark
  • Example: His memories are permanently graven on my mind.

7. Gainsay 

  • Definition: to refuse to accept the truth about something
  • Synonyms: combat, contravene
  • Example: The power of the railway lines cannot be gainsaid.

8. Gild

  • Definition: to cover the surface of something with bright, gold-coloured light
  • Synonyms: cover
  • Example: Sunlight gilt the kids’ faces.

9. Grind

  • Definition: to crush something big into fine particles
  • Synonyms: compress, crunch
  • Example: The corn is ground into meal.

10. Ghostwrite

  • Definition: to produce a piece of writing but by using another author’s name
  • Synonyms: design, form
  • Example: Her autobiography was ghostwritten.

Verbs That Start with G – Full List (140+ Words)

My team has compiled all the words of this list of verbs that start with G under one category. I hope you find our efforts helpful and you will help other people in your surroundings learn them too.

  • Gravitate
  • Growl
  • Gangrene
  • Glitter
  • Grit
  • Glove
  • Guest
  • Get around
  • Gang
  • Garnish
  • Graze
  • Guffaw
  • Grain
  • Ginger
  • Groove
  • Guzzle
  • Get on with
  • Go up
  • Grub
  • Get away
  • Gun
  • Glimpse
  • Grope
  • Grow apart
  • Gyrate
  • Gloss
  • Grass
  • Goad
  • Gnash
  • Glory
  • Gratify
  • Garland
  • Gnaw
  • Glad
  • Gloss over
  • Go after
  • Groan
  • Glamour
  • Glad-hand
  • Gossip
  • Gravel
  • Grapple
  • Gauge
  • Grow out of
  • Glare
  • Gladden
  • Guerdon
  • Gash
  • Glimmer
  • Germinate
  • Gussy
  • Game
  • Give away
  • Gleam
  • Gab
  • Glister
  • Glaze
  • Gin
  • Grumble
  • Garb
  • Give up
  • Gentle
  • Geld
  • Grate
  • Ghost
  • Ground
  • Granulate
  • Graft
  • Grok
  • Gurgle

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with G

I hope you have successfully learned, if not a lot of verbs that start with G than maybe some of the verbs that start with G listed in this catalog.

Knowledge is a never-ending process and one must be keen and eager to learn all the time if he wants to not lag behind in the fast-paced world.

Having an encyclopedia of words is very beneficial as it takes you on the road of success. Each of the action words starting with G are enlisted in the catalog above has been selected for you with great care.

The more verbs beginning with G you know, more creatively you can write and interact publicly.

Did you find the list helpful? Do you want to have more of these lists? Let us know about your true thoughts down in the comment section, we are waiting for your reviews. Good Bye.

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